November 11, 2013

First off, thank you for your support for everything. You guys are awesome! I have received a lot of questions about food. My favorite part about food here is that people walk the streets to sell food. I cant tell you how many ice cream cones i have bought for 25 cents at my front door. it is like a cheap ice cream truck, but the truck is actually a small metal crate being pushed by an old man. haha it is sweet! they come around from about 5 in the morning until 8 at night. tortillas, tomales, ice cream, etc. life is good. 
I am getting colder and colder every night. Saturday night got to a balmy 73 degrees. I dont know how accurate my thermometer spelled wrong. is, but man i had some gnarly cold chills. I am goning to struggle coming home. 
I am officially done with my first change! Next change is 2 weeks before christmas, so i prob will have a new comp. it is a bummer, but everybody here is really cool, plus i am fun so christmas will be awesome. I have been told i will probably stay here for a while. i am happy with that because i like this area.
our investigator j. had been smoking and drinking for years and he has quit! he has only drank once in the past 2 weeks ish since he committed to stop. the big crazy beard he had is now gone as well! it has been absolutely incredible to watch his life change before my eyes. it has made my mission worth it already. you dont understand how much that affects you until you actually watch it. he is set to be baptized in two weeks. 
we have 4 baptismal dates and 2 baptismal goals for this month. so potentially 6 this month! it is sweet! we are dominated our area. our whole zone did really well this change. they split our zone though, so our numbers wont be too hot for a while.
We have around 10ish progressing investigators right now, and so if the 6 are baptized this month like it is looking, then we are screwed. it is hard to find people who want to progress. they here are message but they stick pretty true to their faith. there is a family we are teaching who are slowly progressing. they have a lot of doubts, for example, they believe that heavenly father is a spirit. it is hard to get them to change their beliefs but i think they come around!
i am grateful for my mission here in el salvador and for the awesome and fun experiences i have already had. Me and my comp are really close now and can do anything in front of each other. we have a lot of fun but get a lot done as well. it will be a bummer when we part ways, but it is what it is!
i know this church is true and that the book of mormon is a book that compliments the bible and contains the word of god. i know that joseph smith was a prophet and that prayers are important and necessary to receive blessings, knowledge, and comfort. but, we need to have faith in our prayers as well! why pray if we dont exercise faith in our prayers? 
scriptures for you guys
alma 32! especially verses 16-18, 21-22, and 27-30. It talks about faith! I really like it. Anyways, nos vemos!
les amo. 
elder slack

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