November 4, 2013


Hey everyone! Everything is going good here! I still love to be a missionary! Here we go.
First, references are possibly the hardest part about this mission! There are no addresses in my area, and so when people refer possible investigators to us, they say they live on this street, first left, second right, take a right at the big rock, it is the house with 4 trees. i dont know how, but we always seem to find them. haha miracle!
Second, my comp is trying to learn english. He kept joking and trying to speak english to me and so i gave a closing prayer for daily planning in english… and it sucked. i kept forgetting to use words like thee, thy, thou, and i kept pausing because i had to translate from spanish to english. the prayer was easily the worst english prayer i have ever given. 21 months more of daily spanish prayers will slaughter my english prayers. just a warning for you guys! i pray i dont have to say a prayer in sacrament soon after my mish. language is still improving though! i dont ever have time to study though, and that is suckish.
This week i learned the importance of EVERY worthy male to serve a mission! I have always heard different answers, but i am convinced i know why now. Each person interacts and teaches differently. For example, my comp loves to talk and try to help the investigator understand gospel principles by building on the knowledge they already have. this is good but lacks energy…. this is where i come in. i dont know if my spanish is very good all the time, but i figure if i seem pumped about what i am saying, they will like it more haha. i try to be excited about the church, about opportunities to receive blessings, and be excited about gaining a larger knowledge of things. i try to relate the blessings i have received and my family has received to how and what blessings the investigator can receive. when people say there are people who only you can touch, this is what they are talking about. it took me 3 months of my mish to learn this. take advantage of your skills! dont try to change about be what you think a missionary is. just be good.
our investigators are still progressing. in the papers i have 2 baptisms, and so i am counting those as mine. we have 3 sure dates for this month next friday and i am baptizing a 12 year old girl named g.! I am really excited! we may have another 2 baptisms this month as well. J. went to church with us again yesterday and didnt drink all of last week until yesterday after church. it sucks he drank, but he said it was only a little and it is really good he went 6 days with no alcohol! he hasnt smoked in a week. hopefully he never does again. crazy how some people can quit cold turkey. the goal is to baptize him the 23rd of this month. j., my first lesson, returned to her home and said she wants to be baptized. we plan to baptize her this month as well. so probably 5 baptisms this month.
we met a family last week, the something g. family. 3 kids and parents are glued to our lessons. they are progressing fast and i think we baptize all 5 next month. we show a movie about joseph smith tomorrow, and so i hope it goes good! i am pumped! we are having so much successs in this area. 
thank you for all your support! i pray for all my friends and family every day. i hope you guys continue to do well! the church is true!!
last thing, there is a scriputre we seem to use EVERY lesson that touches EVERY person. in john 3= 13 through 17 talks about the trinity and baptism by submersion. often times people argue with us about the godhead. we use this scripture and they dont believe us. we use their bible and they finally understand. but it is really cool! check it out. 
love you guys! hope halloween was good! tear it up this week.
love, elder slack.

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