October 18, 2013


Hey guys!! sorry to not write last week! i was dying. my comp had denge and wasnt allowed to leave anywhere, and so i have eben on house arrest for 13 days until this morning!!! we couldnt even buy our own groceries or anything. anyways. i am back.
my companion is elder ayala from peru! he is 19 and doesnt speak any english! he is really cool and is a good teacher. i am excited to get going on lesons!
yes, we have not taught any lessons here. it has been tough. we literally havent been able to leave our house. i am stuck in my house, but at least it is a really nice house. i will talk about that later! but it has been like the mtc all over again. 12 to 14 hours of studying daily. it has helped my spanish but makes me go crazy.
10 missionaries in my mission got denge in september. if you get it 2x, you go home, which happened to an hermana the week before i got here. dont worry about it momma =) haha
we cook every meal at our place. for 2 weeks we have lunch at (or from) a members house, and then 2 weeks we make our own lunch. this week we make our own.
I have been eating pretty good though! just making eggs, pizza, top ramen, french toast, cereal, etc. I am buying root bear and ice cream today so we can have root beer floats. they have a store 10 min away from my house that is similar to walmart, it is nice to have it close.
the food i have had at and from members has been good as well! dad, you would love it. chicken, rice, tortilla, and cooked veggies. mmmm! my favorite. i have been clearing my plate, which may surprise most of you. never call me picky again.
veggies consist of potato chunks, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, and yes, the lovely beans. mmm. gotta love it. it hasnt been that bad actually. it is fun!
i live in a jungle, well, pretty much is a jungle. it is in los ausoles in ahuachapan! google it. i bet you could find some gnarly pics. there is a volcano you can see really well from my backyard about 1 hour away. it is really cool to see a volcano in person!
me and my comp opened a new area, which means we get a new house with new materials. our house is huge and has to be one of the nicest in ahuachapan. it has 3 bed rooms, 2 bathrooms, and a living room but is really long. it is only me and my comp in there, and so it is nice and open”!  it also has a kitchen with a fridge and with a microwave. we have 2 showers, which is 2 more than i thought i would have. i am dominating it nad i love it!
a member does our lauundry fror 13.50 each month. i may do it myself in the backyard, but we will see!
my family may have noticed a 38 dollar purchase i made last week. yes mom, you were right, we were all wrong. i bought a ukulele. and i love it! i already am better than i was at my house and can play more songs than i could at home. missionary work. i also taught my comp how to play, it has been fun.
rain is pretty much every night and is loud on a tin roof.
my spanish isnt half bad! i am getting good and conjugating and i can read and comp everything in spanish preach my gospel and understand most of the scriptures. just gotta keep praying for the gift of tongues! my goal is to have it down by valentines day.
anyways, thanks for everything guys. i love you all and appreciate the support! i know this church is true and i couldnt be more pumped to share it with these awesome people of ahuachapan! hurrah for israel!
much love, elder slack

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