October 21, 2013


First off, I am doing awesome! My comp and I get along really good. We can both cook pretty much anything, and so we have been eating like kings! Beans still suck, but it is okay. I really do eat everything. I have had more veggies the past 3 weeks than my entire life combined. I am doing awesome, you should all be proud of me.
Last night we had dinner at a member’s house. They are a really nice family! They have a 6 year old son named D. and the kid is a stud!! He was wearing a Buzz Lightyear backpack and so i whipped out my Buzz Lightyear key chain my sister bought my for my birthday last year and the kid got the biggest smile in the world! My comp and I were given a big bowl of chicken and veggie soup and some onion stuff and while his fam was in the other room, he hung out with us and talked to us. It was a lot of fun! My Spanish is really coming along. I hope to be fluent by Valentines or so. I really want to have it down by Christmas, but we’ll see.
Language study is fun. My comp is trying to learn English and this week i taught him words like flirt, and i don’t care. He likes to use those now haha. same with YOLO.
I am not in America. Duh, Nate. No guys, really. This is so different. I love it!!! Some things are really weird, like we throw our garbage in a little field by our house and they burn it all. It smells really good at night because i love the smell of fires until i realize it is the smell of my burning soda cans and snot covered toilet paper. Biggest difference is mom’s nursing their kids EVERYWHERE with nothing being hidden. No shame, no shame. when I was at d. house last night, his mom just started nursing her baby in the middle of our conversation. It is just a different culture, but that is just what i wanted. Haha i love it!
Everyone here knows the missionaries. That is fun. Hey elderes, como estan elderes, etc. Everyone knows us!
For my schedule. we are in a new area and so we know very few people! In order to meet people, we have been tracting. 2pm until 9 pm every single day. It is exhausting! We never walk anywhere near paved roads, only on rocky inclines and declines. It is fun but my calves kill when we get home. this also means i eat lunch at 1 and then dinner at 930 (unless we go to a members). I bring golden Oreo (buy some and dip them in milk) and airheads in my backpack to have when my stomach starts growling.
The first lesson i was involved in was last Wednesday night. Norma is a member and her 18 year old daughter is named Jasmine and we taught Jasmine about Joseph Smith because she asked about him. I feel like it was a really good lesson and the spirit was there, plus, it was my first lesson so i was pumped! I also understood everything some how. Anyways, she seemed to like it and we scheduled a cita with her the next day at 2. We go to her house the next day and her mom really casually just said she ran away the night before with an old man who left his wife and kid for her!! we were like what the?! haha. so i guess i lost one investigator with a baptismal date. That was my first lesson.
Friday we were in the church playing the piano and stuff while my comp was giving a baptismal interview and a man who was in the chapel with me and 2 other elders said he wanted a blessing! An elder from Guatemala looks at me and tells me to anoint the oil in Spanish! i was like uhhh i have no idea what to say! but i did it and it was a really cool experience! of course i was worthy because i am on a mission, but it really made me realize how important it is to be worthy at all times to perform those kind of things.
I have a possible baptism really soon! There is a guy about 16 years old who has been with my comp and i a lot lately. I figured he had been a member and so i wasn’t being all missionary=teacher with him. turns out he is being baptized soon and asked my comp if i could baptize him! i was like no way!!!!! I am so excited! i am glad i have been a good friend and stuff to him. that really is the best way to be a missionary, and that is what i think is important for EVERYBODY to understand, is that the example you guys set and the way others see you is exactly how you will be remembered.
i know this church is true! i cant tell you guys how happy i am to be here! it has been really tough but really good. the constant walking is exhausting and the Spanish still isn’t quite there, but i am improving and that is the fun part. i am finally starting to get comfortable and settled with everything, so i guess this is really when the fun part of missionary work begins.
if any of you dudes are questioning missionary work, do it. it really is awesome. you learn so much about everything and plus it is fun. just remember to keep a positive attitude. your mission is what you make it. if you want to have a 2 year i miss my family pity party, that is just what it will be. be positive!!
love you guys. thanks for all your support and friendships!
elder slack!

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