September 10, 2013

Pday last week was really good! weeks are flying by now. i am getting nervous for october 1st! It seems really close sometimes. I feel like i just got here haha.
I am learning and improving daily in every way. I have had ”experiences” the past week with people who i am very grateful for, who have been nice enough to help me improve my christlike attributes, especialy patience. I am learning great patience! Dad will love that. hahaha.
My spanish is really improving! it is hard but i am trying to work hard all day everyday so i can learn the language and be an El Salvadorean quicker. I have got to the point where it feels weird to pray in english, i would say around 95% of my prayers are in spanish. Not too bad, right?
I also love learning more about the gospel. I am finding new things all over. I really think your understanding is enhanced when you are a missionary. I have learned how affective prayer can be. We pray a lot. Wake up, prior to study, breakfast, before class, usually once during class, close class, lunch, open class, close class, before study, during study, before prepare lesson, before lesson, after lesson, dinner, before study, bed. Etc. you get the point. I prayed 17 times on
September 6th. the joys of being a missionary!
I also think the rain comes at a set time every single day. 6.15 pm. it pours all night long. Oh well, i kind of like it!
Me, Elder Winder (comp) and Elder Silver (from Ohio, room next to mine) listen to talks every night and that is pretty sweet. There are 2 elders to a room. 3 rooms in our appartment, 1 ”family” room, and a bathroom. We have 2 english companionships and 1 latino companionship. both of their names are elder martinez. haha. one is really homesick, and the other makes himself right at home. I have never heard anyone sing so loud, so bad in the shower. I love it hahaha. He speaks little english and his comp speaks none. >the one who always sings, sings american songs from a long time ago. He loves the group, Chicago.
Weekly highlights.
Tuesday, me and my comp played 6 hours of sports. We had nothing to do and we had waken up that morning at 6 am to do our laundry. that way we had all day to do whatever we wanted. it was the best decision i had ever made! hahaha. one kid i was playing basketball with seperated his shoulder. they had to take him to the hospital to pop it back in place, but he is good now! we also got a bit of time to relax and study in our room which was really needed!
wednesday, i got my first letter from my friend! letters are like pay day in the mission field. I loved it!!! being 2, almost 3 weeks in the field, i thought it was funny when the first few sentences talked about how sad i must be because i was only on my 2nd day in the CCM. not the case anyways, i have actually been really good! the only days i struggle are on saturdays.
thursday, i memorized 3 nephi 5.13 in spanish! that is my mission scripture, if you didnt know, and so i was pretty pumped about that. it only took about a half hour to get down, so i guess that kind of shows you how my spanish is doing!
friday, nothing really happened. I missed high school football, and said 17 prayers. I was curious the day before on how many prayers i say in the average day, and well, yeah. 17.
saturday- BYU football… so. We were studying in the tall labs (language study on computers) and i was struggling pretty bad. I remember byu played texas that day and so i did what i could to find anything about it. after being on for what seemed like forever, i found a hyperlink on an article that sent me to espn. i was pumped! unfortunately the site wouldnt let me click on the scores, but i did see that the game had been postponed. I guess it has been stormy down there as well. Crazy! i read an article that said that last year on some 3rd down conversions, the crowd would get up to 120 decibles. Crazy loud. And yes, i did finish my tall lab that day. Saturday morning i was also feeling pretty discouraged, i prayed to know why i came on a mission and what my goal should be. I have always been a fan of D&C 4, and so the answer to my prayer was really cool! After my prayer, i began to study the english book of mormon. I am in middle of alma, and came across Alma 26.5-8. I now have a goal for my mish. look it up! it is really cool. compare D&C 4:4-7 with Alma 26:5-8. Prayers really are answered! So there it is, my goal for my mission. Come back and feel like i have achieved that.
sunday, my district taught in priesthood. we taught on making commitments. it was an easy topic, but not so easy in spanish. I feel like my portion of the lesson went well, and i could relax for the rest of the day. i wore a yellow tie in honor of my momma’s birthday. she turned 62 this past sunday. then the impossible happened. Remember how i spoke the first week in sacrament? i was told i wouldnt have to speak again. next thing i know, my name is announced to speak again. This was bad. They give us a talk topic at the beginning of each week and expect us to write a 5 minute talk in spanish. i had other things i wanted to study, so i prepared no talk. However, because i am a stud missionary, i got up there and gave what i felt like was a really good talk on enduring to the end and the book of mormon! i gave a personal story and received a lot of compliments throughout the day. I dodged a bullet i guess! haha. May do the same thing again this week. It is cool to go by the spirit.
monday, one of my best friends in the CCM left to Chile. Elder Tanner Mangum finally had to leave, i was pretty bummed! we had a nice convo on sunday night though, and he is the one who made me aware of BYU’s big win over Texas!! I am going to miss him. Hopefully he remembers me when we get home. That would be cool! haha. I also received a letter from my dad! I was so stoked. It rained all day and me and my comp taught a lesson to our ”investigator’.” we didnt give the lesson we planned to, and so that was another cool experience i had to teach by the spirit in a language i dont speak very well.
this morning was another crazy day. me and my comp woke up at 515 to do our laundry and it was packed!! so we still havent done our laundry yet. we went to the temple this morning though, the spanish sessions are always pretty cool!!
Well, that is all i have for this week. Another thanks for all you guys do for me. I love the support and friendships i have with so many people! I am excited to see you all again, but more excited to change the lives of some el salvadoreans.
Hasta lluego!
Elder Slack

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