September 24, 2013


This week was okay.  But Saturday really sucked.  I hated it!  Oh well, I kept thinking about ALL the stuff that happens before The Game.  I am still upset at the outcome of the game…doesn’t matter if I watched it or not.  I still think it is weird people said I would lose a love for BYU sports on my mission.  If anything it is increasing.  There is an elder in my dorm who bugs me so bad about it.  My testimony of BYU sports is improving all the time.  I can’t wait to go to that first game when I get home.  It is going to be awesome!  Also excited about the Texas game.

Anyways I am really anxious to leave.  I am out of here in 6 or 7 days.  I don’t know which yet.  My packet says Oct. 1, but that varies.  So we’ll see.

The other night we were talking with some elders from another district in our dorm  It was awesome.  We talked about bodily functions and what the food has done to some of them.  hhahahhah One of the elders said that it was like we were 12 again because we are awkward talking to girls and we talk about poop!  It was a pretty funny night!


hey everybody!! I am going to hop right into this letter.
Last week in the MTC finally! I cant wait to get out to the field. I   actually feel pretty ready. I know Spanish is going to be a slap in the face,   but i am really excited to get out of here! My Spanish is coming along, just a   matter of time i guess.
I am gaining a stronger testimony every day and that is really cool! I   feel like i have a strong testimony on everything. It is a drastic change to   the already strong testimony I came here with. I love it! It has been   incredible. I have already grown so much.
I finished reading the Book of Mormon on Saturday morning… yes that was   totally intentional. I thought it would bring good karma for that night, but i   guess it was wrong. I was still pretty pumped to finish it though! I started   it day 3 of the mtc, so it took 29 days! I think. I am now reading Our   Heritage, and that is a pretty cool book. I suggest you guys to check it out.   Really cool stories that strengthen testimonies about the first latter day   saints. I am also in 2 Nephi 2 of reading the Spanish BOM side by side with   the English one. I think i am making pretty good progress!
Thursday night, our district leader got a package in the mail that   contained a ton of snacks and stuff. We ended up having a party that night in   his dorm and distributed skittles, root beer, and other delicious things   Mexico doesn’t seem to want to sell to us here in the mtc. It was so nice to   have American candy and drinks!
A few hermanas here are from Henderson, Nevada and were in the Green   Valley Stake! I don’t remember their names, but it was cool to hear about   their love for my grandparents. It was awesome!! I miss going there on   vacations.
I was eating lunch the other day and saw an hermana i thought i   recognized… and then i realized i did! Really weird fact… but here it   goes. If you guys didn’t know, I played the trumpet for 5 years. And guess   what? There are 3 people here from  my elementary and middle school band   class. Hahaha how weird is that! Elder Aaron Pearson from the CH 12th ward,   Elder Jorgen Jensen from the CH 2nd ward (leaves today), and Hermana Bennett.   3 of the 4 of us played the trumpet, jorgen played the sax. It has been cool   to see kids i recognize! Even cooler to think they are willing to do the   Lord’s work.
You all knew it was coming… here we go. Saturday sucked. I was so   bummed I couldn’t be home. I didn’t want to come home, but i kept thinking about   all the pregame BYU Utah stuff I did with my dad every single year. Some of my   favorite memories were at those games. I think it was probably the worst day   here. It really is kind of like a holiday… my 2nd favorite holiday,   actually. (nothing tops Christmas). I thought i was hiding it pretty well, but   my teacher, Hermana Young, recognized my sadness and called me up. There, she   had everybody in our district (11 others) tell me something they liked about   it. After this 10 minute nightmare of embarrassment, I did pretty well. But it   was still pretty disappointing. I know it sounds dumb, but it is just how   i grew up and something i really enjoy to do. Some people have vacations,   video games, movies, etc. My weakness is BYU football. To top it off, 5   minutes before the game started, my teacher came by and told me she would tell   me how it turned out, and that she was going to watch it with all the other   teachers in the teachers lounge. She then picked up her stuff and left. I was   like oh man, dagger to the heart!!! I would rather watch BYU lose than not   watch at all. It is hard to explain.
It was a really spiritual week though! Easily the most spiritual week   here yet. An hermana in our district was really sick (7 of the 12 have been   sick, i never get sick so i have been good) and so she asked my comp to give   her a blessing. I had the opportunity to do the anointing, and that was so   cool. You never realize how grateful you are for the priesthood until you get   the opportunity to use it to bless the lives of others. She was better the   next day, after being really sick for 4 days.
We had a meeting on Sunday morning in our classroom and the topic was on   revelation. That was the strongest I have felt the spirit on my mish so far. I   told the story about being at my cabin with my friends and dad in early july,   and the prompting i had to go inside that night… it still shakes me up if i   think about it. But that really built my testimony of promptings of the   spirit. I hope you guys all get to experience something like that in your   life; not the small promptings, but one that you know is needed to be   followed.
Lastly, I spoke again in sacrament meeting. I think i wrote about it a   few weeks ago, and how almost nobody speaks twice, if they speak at all. And   guess what? I did it… thrice. This means I spoke 3 of the 6 Sundays, 2 of   which were fast Sundays. So i batted 3 of 4, .750. Not bad, right? I spoke on   baptism, but so did the 2 elders who spoke before me. I didn’t write down my   talk because i feel comfortable enough to express my thoughts and feelings in   Spanish for 5 minutes, but i totally changed what my intentions were when i   got up there. I just talked about why i believe baptism is so important to   missionaries.
This was just me, but I just feel it is so important to us because we get   to see their lives turn around. It isn’t the most important step for the   investigators in my opinion, however. They still need to make other covenants   and endure to the end, but that contains stuff missionaries cant totally help   with like they can baptism. It is more on the investigators shoulders, if that   makes sense.
Anyways. I know this church is true and i am so grateful i have the   opportunity to be out here. I love being a missionary, it is the best decision   I have ever made. I have grown to love this church and to teach the message of   the restored gospel. I am glad i get to learn Spanish to do it! I am so   pumped. Do what is right, follow the commandments, and have faith in and trust   the Lord and he will bless your life immensely.
Love you guys!
Elder Eslack

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