September 3, 2013

Man this week flew.  Can’t believe I am on week 3 in the CCM!  I sent 5 letters so enjoy!  I am slowly getting less busy as I learn how to do things.  Are my emails okay?  Do I need to add more church stuff?  Days are really repetitive and so I don’t know what to say or what I have already said.  Anything you guys are curious about?  I miss you!  and my house, and mowing the lawn.  hahah Pero, esta bien!  Spanish is coming along great.  I can pray and bear testimony in Spanish which is cool.  I am in Alama 2 of the BOM in English and started reading day 3 of the CCM.  I am so tired at night it sucks.  I sing a lot with Elder Brown.  He is pretty good and is so funny!  We sing Thinkin’ About You by Frank Ocean and we sound great together.  It is hard here but it is good.  I get tired of studying-especially Spanish- so my email isn’t to religiousy.  My companion has been battling health issues so it has been hard on both of us.  16 hour days suck.  I love you guys!  I miss sleeping in my bed at home where mosquitos didn’t constantly buzz and I didn’t have to deal with mariachi music on a nightly basis.
amigos y amigas!
i want to start by saying sorry about the email last week. we had gone to   the temple and came back at around 2 or so. we were in a hurry to get doing   our laundry and email family and friends and so i was stressing. we only have   1 hour to email, so that made it a little stressful too!
anyways. this week has been good! it has been so fast. the first few days   weren’t totally difficult, but they took a LONG time. The food is so   inconsistent, and that sucks. some meals are so good, and other meals leave me   and like 9 other dudes in our district starving. Tuesday night is pizza   night… i like pizza night.
i am really comfortable with the ccm schedule now, and that helps a lot!   i don’t know if i mentioned it, but my day is so busy. they are 16 hours days   and around 9 hours are spent in the same seat in the same classroom. Around 12   of those hours are studying either the language or book of Mormon. i started   reading the bom day 3, and i am already in Alma! i hope to finish that and the   pearl of great price by the time i leave the prison walls.
we get an hour of gym daily and that is nice. our district mainly plays   soccer, but me and my comp played basketball with 6 latinos on Saturday. haha   i did really good! they fouled really hard, really regularly, but it was   whatever. I did a little Brandon Davies-tyler haws fake pass under the hoop   and all 6 of them freaked out. haha fun to see a bunch of non english speakers   worship the move i executed! i also hit a shot from jimmer range and they went   crazy. haha good times! i am getting pretty good at soccer. we play on a caged   basketball court outside that has soccer nets under the hoops. i have got a   deadly left foot shot and score a ton. missionary miracle right there, if you   know how good i have been at soccer in the past.
feeling the spirit all the time here is really cool and unique. everyone   helps everyone and is so positive. before i start a mini highlight reel of my   week, i have to tell you guys elder silver (roomate next to my room) loves to   sing and hum at the top of his lungs. He isnt very good, but i get a kick out   of it hahahaha. shower time is fun.
Tuesday night, last p day, we had an mtc devotional given by Neil   Anderson in the Marriott center. he spoke on love and sacrifice and said some   really cool stuff. a few of the things that stuck out to me where that 1.   others may remember you by your testimony. 2. we sacrifice the things we love   and we love the things we sacrifice for. 3. he talked about really struggling   the first 2 months of his mish. i never realized how many kids do struggle   until i got here. my comp even had a plan to talk to the ccm pres to go home.   he is doing much better now and i am glad he chose to say.
after the devotional, i ran in to someone i recognized… elder mangum!   yep, BYU QB tanner mangum. he is a super cool dude. he leaves the ccm in a   week but it has been cool to talk with him frequently the past week. i   actually just talked to him about 2 hours ago for like 20 minutes. cool guy.   he leaves the ccm in a week but it has been cool to talk with him a dn game a   friendship. i think i miss home and sports about as much as him, but we agreed   that we would feel bad if we were at home! we are trying hard to stay focused   on the work, and we are doing pretty good!
The investigator we were teaching ended up committing to baptism. not a   huge deal, because he ended up becoming our teacher, but it is still cool i   guess. i have learned how to teach pretty well already!
Friday night we had ”dormitorio initation”…. this started by daring   my comp to shave a line on his left leg… AND HE DID IT! WHAT THE BEST TWO   YEARS? 3 of the 4 Americans in our dorm ended up shaving our left legs. i don’t   know why. i think it is stupid. but i guess those are the things that make   memories 20 years down the road. am i right? haha.
being here is hard but it is really good for me. i felt most homesick on   Saturday. i thought about basketball with my dad, shopping with my dad,   Michael Buble, and the Virginia game. i tried finding out the score for the   Utah Utah state game but was unsuccessful until this morning.
it is really cool here! many new experiences. lots of mosquitos, always   drinking out of a water filtered water bottle they give to each new   missionary, the cockroaches that come if you don’t seal your snacks (i buy   cookies similar to chips ahoy and fantas because those are as American as it   gets in la tienda. 15 pesos for 20 cookies, 6.50 for fanta. 13 pesos = 1   dollar) i also bought a Spanish hymn book for 51 pesos and hangers that i   wish i had brought.
It is also cool to not be bale to hear your teacher talk because the rain   and the thunder are so loud outside. we get soaked unless we have our   umbrellas 24-7, so you learn to never go without it!
Not all emails will be this long, i just feel bad about last week’s email   sucking.
the keyboard is still weird, i am craving a hamburger, and a slurpee   doesn’t sound to bad right now.
I leave October 1st, for those of you wondering.
close with a funny story from my maestro (teacher). Her bro was in the   Provo mtc and was walking back from the temple. a car slowed down next to him   to roll down the window to tell him something. at the time, there were about   55,000 missionaries in the field, and they yelled to the mtc missionary,   ´´There are 55,000 missionaries in the world, and they are all going home   before you!´´ Hahaha we died! sad but love it. anyways.
Yo se que este iglesia es verdadero. Yo se que Dios hable con nosotros   mediante de los profetas. Yo soy agrecido por la oportunidad yo tengo para   vivir en la CCM.
I miss you all and hope you are all doing good!
eldere slack

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