November 18, 2013

Some of you have asked about the relation with my comp. We have a ton of fun! I am teaching him to say Sweet Jimmer when something cool happens. It is going really good! I am a good teacher.
The past week i have had a cold for the 2nd time of my mission. Remember that i NEVER got sick at home. I dont know what i am doing wrong. At least everyone else here seems to be sick as well. Luckily it is only a runny nose and stuffy nose, nothing more. TMI?
This week was REALLY slow, progression wise. I really dont have a ton to share. 
My dad asked about tracting. We tract quite a bit still. It is probably the best way to find new investigators here. It is really interesting. I always heard terror stories of elders getting the door slammed in their face and what not. Here in Ahuachapan, people answer, and tell us to come in. we talk for 15 min and then ask if they know the church we represent. they dont even know what church we represent and they invite us into their homes to talk about the gospel. haha it is awesome! tracting is fun here.
Saturday morning we did a service project. We went to an investigators house to help her with chores so she could attend church sunday. unfortunately she had another thing come up and so she still couldnt attend, but we still did the service. we walked into her backyard and then snuck through a small opening between trees. we were now in a HUGE corn field. the corn looked like it had been dead for a period of a few months. then, we husked the corn while it was still on the stalk. it was funnish, but really hot. i have never seen so many freaky looking cockroaches, beetles, and spiders. haha! we bagged the corn after about 3 hours and left. they use the corn to make cafe maiz (coffee missionaries can drink) and tortillas which are consumed at EVERY meal EVERY day. Anyways, that was my cool experience for the week. 
I dont have a specific scripture for you guys this week, more of a friendly reminder. A lot of times, like me before last week, people think repentence is only for bad people with awful sins. This isnt the case. Members of the church always talk about how Christ suffered and died for our sins but dont do anything about it. How great of an oportunity is it that we have to remove guilt and shame and feel peace and hapiness? Repentence is more of a gift than further punishment. My invitation is to repent every night in your nightly prayers for bad thoughts or actions. You will be forgiven . I know this because Christ didnt die to turn us away from receiving forgiveness. 
I am grateful for this church and for the blessings i receive daily. I love sharing the message of the gospel with people who have never heard of it before. 
Love you all! Thanks for support. 
Amor, Elder Slack

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