November 25, 2013


Hey guys! So it was a really slow week and i dont have a ton to report. I will start by saying since thursday, i have been dominating the missionary feel finally! i have finally grown out of the, ”hey cool, i am a missionary, look at me” stage to the hey, how can i touch the heart of hector, jaime, or griselda today? it has really made the mission easier. i figured that was cool, so there ya go.

I bought christmas lights and balloons and my house is awesome now. My fam sent me some christmas songs and so we are living the life. I love the holiday season, even though it feels NOTHING like christmas. haha still fun!

I am in the process of buying a hammock. I should have it tongiht, and this is my cool christmas buy this season.

We had 12 investigators at church yesterday which is CRAZY. Most have maybe 3 or 4, and so 12 is sweet! I havent heard many people who have had more than we had yesterday. We couldve easily had 15 or so, but due to travel situations and being drunk, they werent able to attend yesterday. our zone had 21 INV in attendence yesterday, we had 12 of those. score!

We have a baptism on Wednesday and are baptizing 3 people, including a mom and her daughter. I am especially pumped because i get the opportunity to baptize the daughter, gaby!

I dont have any crazy stories this week, sorry. I am safe, healthy, and happy to be serving the Lord and the people of Ahuachapan! My testimony grows stronger day after day and a mission is really starting to get awesome. Do what you can to be a good example to all those around you, especially your non member friends! That is the best way to do missionary work. Dominate this week!

Tons of love,

Elder Nate Slack


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