December 2, 2013

Hey everyone!! I am still doing good and had another worm-free week! high five!
We’re going to hop right into the good stuff this week.
First off, yesterday morning before church i was on splits with a member to pick up investigators. this way we can get more people, faster. i walked into the yard of a lady we baptized on wednesday and, being in my black suit, her 2 big dogs attack me. i fought off one with my left foot but this left my right leg vulernable. i got bit on my hamstring but it wasnt bad. it ripped through my pants but stopped at my g’s. i got a scrape on my leg i washed out but yeah, couldve been sucky.
i got bit by a spider this mrning during a service project and my hand started to bleed. it went cold and i didnt know what to do. but it’s good now. haha things like to bite me.
From wednesday, forward, i will have a highlighter on my backpack every day of my mission. this is the dumbest idea i have ever came up with. i figured if people cant ever remember my name, they will remember the kid with the highlighter on his backpack. i alternate highlighter colors according to the color of my tie. i am a loser. whatever.
we had a ward activitiy friday night after we visited the temple. it was good and i had fun! usually latinos NEVER play basketball. when they see a lonely gringo shooting hoops, suddenly all the teens, guys and girls, wanna play. I ended up dividing around 20 people into 2 teams. it was awesome! props of being a missionary! They have never seen a crossover before. I had fun with that. I threw down one dunk but it was hard to get up in my missionary attire. Oh well. I think the hoops are a little shorter here. I may have grown a little already, i also think my legs are stronger. We walk every where. More of a jog, actually.
In the temple it was really good! We got out and the latinos were all saying did you guys feel the shake?! gringos are thinking… uh… no? turns out there was 2 earthquakes during the session and i didnt feel either one! we had a member confirm that there were 2 earthquakes in san salvador. i am really bummed i didnt feel anything!
At the baptisms we had on wednesday night, it was really good! we have 2 more next week. one is sunday and the other is the 12th, i dont know what day that is. i am hoping i get to baptize the one sunday! he  is 9 years old. the other is alfonso who is 85.
Alfonso is 85 but is able to walk and talk and hear really well. it is shocking! i have seen so many people 80 and 90 years old working like they were 40 or 50 here. i dont know how they do it. alfonso has been awesome. he has been really accepting of the message and was prepared by the lord to hear from us. he has given up coffee in our short 3 weeks of knowing each other and shows a lot of potential for the future. he will be baptized december 12, his birthday. how many people do you know are baptized on their 86th birthday? what a stud!
I am doing really well here! I love teaching and the experiences i have daily. I continue to grow closer to the Lord adn see the blessings and miracles that the church has brough to my life. I have come to know the importance of church attendence, reading scriptures, and praying. these three things are dominant for overcoming temptation. i dont know how to explain it. it literally is a blockade for temptation.
I pray that you guys have success and continue to try to draw yourselves closer to your heavenly father.
read matt 24. this is about the last days. kind of cool stuff.
never forget who your favorite son, brother, friend, relative, and missionary is.
Much love, Elder Slack Daddy

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