December 9, 2013

 Heeeeeey what up!
First off, people have been talking about soccer with me. Yes, I did hear that i would develop a love for soccer on my mission. Hahaha. I have tried SO HARD to appreciate it. I bought el salvador soccer gear, like shorts and a jersey. I even put my name on the back of the jersey. did this improve anything? uhhh not really. we play soccer almost every p day for an hour. i am actually pretty good. do i like it now? no. i thirst for football, basketball, baeball, and hockey. Haha ugh. That is my update on soccer, for those who were asking me.
Next bit of info. We have changes on wednesday and i am pretty sure i am out! It has been a good run here. I dont want to leave. Especially my house. I am convinced my house is the best house in most of the mission. That’ll be a rough slap in the face haha. I will probably go home from this and pack my suit cases.
I had a baptism sunday! 9 year old Jonathan is clean! whoo! He was the 2nd person i baptized (i baptised his older cousin gaby the 27th) and the 6th that my comp and i have had. We have 5 people planning to be baptized the 20th of this month, that is, if i am still in this area. We have been really blessed with that.
I had pizza on Friday for the first time since the MTC! I was pumped! We ordered a meat lovers and picked it up down the road. It was 11 bucks for a semi big meat lovers pizza. The sausage they said would be on it ended up being diced up hot dogs. Haha i thought that was funny. The bacon nearly had me in tears though. I love bacon. It had been a rough 4 months. We put down the entire pizza, me and my comp, in about 10 minutes. I felt like I was back home with my buddies putting down pizza and listening to music.
Friday the missionaries in Ahuachapan all sang at a christmas concert! It was the mayor’s birthday and so we sang to him. It wasnt packed, but there was probably around 100 people. It was pretty cool though. We also sang what child is this, we wish you a merry christmas, rudolph, and angels we have heard on high. The catch was that all of this was in english.
We had an AWESOME lesson on Thursday with one of our investigators about the day of rest. Her family always sells food on sundays because they live across the street from a church. We talked about the importance of the day of rest and read parts from leviticus that explain more about this important commandment. We could see a change in her and knew she realized that they had been making a mistake. It was one of those feel good moments that i thing every missionary gets from time to time. My spanish was killing it and we taught by the spirit. The spirit was really strong, and we had done a good job, i feel, at explaining the commandment. We left with high hopes.
Sunday we returned to invite them to the baptism and to the christmas devotional which was being shown at the church. THEY WERE SELLING THEM AGAIN. ugh. I was bummed. I know it is bad to be discouraged, but i feel that we had dominated the lesson with her and she had finally understood the importance of the day of rest. I realized that there isnt really much we can do in that situation. We can only share the message, hope the spirit can touch their hearts (by this point, i belive both had been successfully done), but the most important part is that they apply the lesson to their lives. This is where she fell short, and the sucky part is that we cant really do anything about it, just back up and try again. She’ll come around.
Well, that’s all i got for today.
thank you for all your support! I know i tell you guys weekly, but it really does mean a lot. It is cool to know so many people support me!
I love you all!
Love, Elder Slack

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