December 16, 2013

Hey guys! So, it happened! Hello from the city of Turin! I have been changed to an area really close to my other area. The difference is this area has a branch instead of a ward. This is when things will get tough. There arent a ton of people too pumped about the church. There are sooo many less actives in our area, it is hard to find ANY lessons with members. This area was in shambles when i came in, so me and my buddy Elder Bauserman are going to try to fix things up. I am the senior comp.
My comp is named Elder Montero. Elder Montero is 19 and from Honduras with a strong accent. He has the same time in the mish as me, but 4 less weeks because of the CCM. He is a convert and is the only member of the church in his fam, along with his sister. He is a cool kid and we hope to change our area’s success together.
The house is… not the house i had before. ONly about 10 percent has a roof. Hahaha. However, there are coconut trees and i have tied my hammock on them. Yes, i have a little time every night to chill under those and thing about how cool it is. This happens as i talk to my buddy elder Bauserman.
Elder Bauserman was in my first zone and we got pretty close. He is a baller. he is 19 and is from ohio and has 6 months. His brother served in Madagascar and said he recognized names like Mahina and Hansen from the mission. Kinda sweet. Elder Bauserman and I were siting next to each other at changes. We thought oh man, how cool would it be if we were in the same zone! we were. all of a sudden we were also in the same district. Then in the same ward. And all of a sudden, we shared a house. haha we are going to have a lot of fun! Luckily, we both have a really strong desire to change things in this area so we’ll work really hard as well.
We had a lesson last night with a less active. They were baptized, wife, husband, son, 3 years ago from missionaries in the area. The wife was later offended by leaders of the rama after helping the missinoaries a ton. Now they got some serious problems with the word of wisdom. Last night we had a really powerful lesson with them. We hadnt known about why she went inactive. The spirit was really strong and she shared her very personal story with us. We talked to her and tried to have her understand that there are some real losers in the church. I hope we can bring them to church this sunday. I think if we promise them we can sit with them, they will come. Wish us luck!
Spanish update. Honestly, I feel pretty comfortable for 4 months! It is awesome. I can understand everything almost always and i take lead in the lessons and everything. Everyone says i have better spanish than the missinoary before, who had 5 years of spanish in school before the mish and has 9 months here. It is coming along! WHoo! The gift of tongues.
Anyways, thanks for everything! Love you all.
 Elder Slack

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