December 23, 2013

I wanted to start out with something a little different and a little dumb. I was really excited to learn this. Donald Duck here is called El Pato Donald and Mickey Mouse is known as El Raton Mickey. Cool right? Sorry, dumb.
So everything is pretty much established in my new house now! I ended up buying around 600 bulbs of Christmas lights in this area and those are up now. I didnt take the ones from my last area. The house is a little, really dirty and I am trying to make it as homie as possible, but man, it’s tough. I’ll keep trying. The previous missionaries set bad expectations for the cleanliness of the house haha.
I had the opportunity to do splits with the district leader (who is my grandpa in the mish) one day and again with his comp another time. I spent one night at their house. It is cool and i learn a ton from that! In the one with the district leader at our house, we had a ton of fun. Elder Bauserman, who lives with me, was trained by the district leader, Elder Bauserman. So we’re all family in the mission terms. We talked until about 1 in the morning, it wasnt the smartest idea i have ever had, but it was fun anyways.
. We are working hard in a place called Ashapuco in Turin.
We have 3 interesting people we are teaching. Nancy, Ana, and Fatima. Nancy and her daughter Joanna had a baptism date for the 29 but wont have 3 assistance at church and so we had to push that date back to January 5th or 6th. They accept what we teach and are obtaining a testimony of their own.
Ana is a little harder. I dont think she will ever REALLY progress. She likes to talk with us but claims to not understand anything. She is convinced one church is the church of god because on the bottom of a pamphlet from this church, it says the church of god. hahah. oh man.
Fatima. Easily the hardest lesson i have had in my mission. We visited her for the first time on Friday. She was contacted by the missionary before me in the street but we finally met up with her. I started to give the brief como comenzar ensenar, sorry dont know what it is in English, and she interrupted and said i know who you are, i am a member. I lost all stress and we talked. Then she started to cry. Greeeeeat. Apparently she had a really bad experience with someone who would soon after serve a mission and return 2 years later. She claims to know he wasnt worthy and that this was so bad that her daughter moved to the states. It was really hard to listen to her tell the story as she was crying and i wasnt sure what to say. Furthermore, we have a less active to teach now.
Yesterday i was walking on the side of the highway to bring investigators to church. I was walking a little quick and was looking at the ground. i didnt see a branch and it caught my eye lid. This tree had thorns like a rose bush and as a result it slight open an area beneath my eyebrow. It was a nasty cut man. I didnt realize how bad it was until after church. It really messed with me mentally. I cleaned it and decided it’d be best to call the nurse and tell her i needed stitches. Over time it healed a little. the district leader came over to talk to Nancy with us and he said it looked okay but to clean it again before we left. when i came back and showed him he told me it was worse than he thought and we should call the nurse. she told him that i couldnt work yesterday, and so i ended up staying home with a member the DL came with. we watched a movie, the testaments, talked, ate, and played the ukulele. It was cool and taught him a few things. I went to Santa Ana this morning to go to the doctor. I saw that the colts were playing the chiefs, who won? Just kidding, i dont really care. But they told me it had healed enough and so stitches werent necessary. Aaaand now I’m here.

That’s it for the week. I am grateful for another week i have to rock the missionary name tag and to help people understand the truthfulness of this message. I know it’s true, and it has been really cool to help other people comprehend this stuff as well. The work continues! Going to be a fun week, cant wait!!

Feliz navidad, prospero ano y felicidad!! Love you all!
Elder Slack

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