December 30, 2013

 This is going to be a little shorter than usual, but here we go!
Christmas was just another work day. It was a little hard because I felt pretty baggy after skyping my family! That was really cool… for about an hour. The time after that was hard haha. BUt it was cool!
I really dont have a ton of stuff to share this week. I finally caught my lizard, that was cool. I saw my first chameleon in the field, those things are pretty sweet.
The weather is still hot and all my shirts get those gross sweet marks on the neck. That just means i am a hard worker.
I have realized that the church of God is just a big puzzle. All churches have different pieces, but only one church in the entire world has ALL the CORRECT pieces to the puzzle. People try to put the puzzle together, but to be honest, some people just suck at puzzles. That is when we get churches that don’t think we need to pray, baptize by immersion, etc. like Jesus taught us when he came to the earth.
2 examples.
Juan is a dad of 3 kids– Jenny, Maria, and Christian. Juan loves his bible, but doesn’t seem to love it too much because he hasn’t assisted any church in 2 years. He doesn’t pray to find answers to questions like James 1 5 directs us, he uses the dictionary and the internet. Ugh. His son C is super positive and we are going to set a date for him tomorrow for the 11th of January. He will accept, it is just a matter of getting his dad to sign off for the papers. It sucks when parents take the agency from 17 year olds and older. I don’t get it.
Next example is Nancy. Nancy has a 10 year old daughter named Joanna. They had a baptism date for the 29th, then moved it to the 5th of january, and yesterday, Nancy told us she doesnt want to be baptized. I was like, are you serious? She tells us she believes in Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and all this, but doesnt feel like she needs to be baptized yet. We have visited her with the branch president, district leader, and zone leaders, and she hasnt budged. Hopefully we can spark something in our appointment with her tomorrow.
We are working really hard here and i am learning tons of different things everyday. It really is awesome to be a missionary. I pray for all my friends and family and hope you all can appreciate the blessing you all have as a result of having the gospel of Jesus Christ in your lives.
Thanks for all the support, love you!
Go Cougars.
Elder Slack

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