January 6, 2014

Heyyyyy! Still holding up here in El Salvador. Nothing too big happened this week, it was actually pretty dang slow! It was one of the hardest weeks of the msision, i think. A lot of people weren’t home, and sso we didnt have even close to as many lessons as i would have liked. We have also had a hard time gettng news. No one wants to leave their church.
I dont know if you guys have heard, but a volcano erupted in el salvador! How sweet is that? The people here are pretty nervous. I dont know if it means the volcano by me has a higher chance to erupt, or what, but either way, pretty sweet if ya ask me. Haha.
We were talking to a lady for a while and i had forgotten to tell her my name. After about 10 minutes of taling to her, she asked me if i was from argentina. Haha how cool is that!!! No, my spanish is not perfect, but it is coming along. It was a big confidence booster. I am excited for the day when i can finally say that i can speak spanish! however, i do feel confident talking to just about everyone now.
yeah, this week was a little tough. i will share a little about one guy named J. J alwaaaays has doubts. It is frustrating. I think i told you guys last week that he worships the bible but doesnt pray or go to church. I got tired of tryihng to work through all his questions, so i finally told him he needs to be a better example for his family. His son is nvesting the church and making some progress, but his dad has tought him bad habits and this has prevented his baptism. The son goes to church weekly and to every other activity throughout the week, but his dad has brainwashed him to believe he needs a perfect knowledge. J has doubts about prophets and apostles to, even though in ephesians 2 20 it says that they are key to the gospel of jesus christ, and he told us he wants to speak to Elder Cook from the quorum of the 12 who is visiting on the 23th of january for all the missions in el savldor, but tht is dumb because it wouldnt be exercising faith. We learn in alma 32:27-32 we need to exercise a little faith to see if it is a good seed of a bad seed. And v. 16-18 (i think it is) tells us we cant have a perfect knowledgte. This is something he needs to learn.
my invitation to you guys this week is to have more faith in everything! nothing is more powerful than faith. have faith in your challenges and obsticules, in school, work,, prayers, etc. Todos.
I love you and thank you for your support! A mission has been one of the best decisions i have made. and arguable the best thing to happen to me.
Elder Slack
Go COugars.

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