January 13, 2014

Hey everybody! All is good here! Just worked another hard week here in La Labor 2. I feel like I am really coming along with everything. I am finally becoming comfortable with the área and everything, and we are beginning to do some serious work! Everyone says we are making fire with the members. This past week, we doubled the lessons with members that a lot of other companionships have. They have been a huge reason of our success.
People here are really religious and love to talk about christ. However, they dont understnant words like restauration, priesthood, or revelation, words that should be understood if they are devout as they say they are. THis is really what the church that Christ established was built on. It is getting easier to teach because i am learning the tricks and questions that work best. Of course everyone is different, but the point stands.
The committments are a Little different here. Usually it is the regular, read, pray, and go to church. However, a lot of the people here just cant read. That eliminates the Reading committment, and so we read the scriptures with investigators pretty often. It is also good to read with them and help them understand everything, usually they misinterpret everything.
We have been teaching a guy named R. He finally went to church yesterday and seemed to like it. We are going to try and put a baptismal day with him tomorrow, i really think he can be ready by the 2nd or 9th of february. Let’s hope!
We put a date with somebody named C. yeseterday. He has been a Little more difficult to teach because he has pretty much been an active member of the church already. Before he knew a lot of the basic doctine, he was being taught about baptism for the dead and partricrchal blessings in church. This was tough, but we have been working really hard with him and his dad. His dad is still a litle hard hearted, but the 26th of January we should be baptising C.
Final story. Last night we visited this house because we saw this old lady walking around. Usually when this is the case, she is cared for by her kid, their spouse, and their kids. We took this as an opportunity to teach a family. We call for her and she lets us in without hesitation. I was pumped because the probablility of finding a family was so high. Oh, no. Old person after older person kept popping out. their had to have been about 5 or so. >She talked about how her daughter died, and so we sympathized with her for a sec. I asked how old she was and she tells me 77. Yeah, so that puts in perspective the age group of this household. They coulodnt give us a return date to teach, but it was still a good lesson and fun experience haha. so much for contacting a family.
i have been really good this week! it has been one of the most productive weeks on the misión. I am working hard and am learning more and more every day that this church is the only true church in the world.
I love you all and thank you for your support!!
Elder SlACK

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