January 21, 2014

Hey everything this week was good and really fast! This change has flown! Usually changes are 6 weeks, but this is 8 weeks because of Christmas. We are on week 6 right now, really crazy. I have a feeling I will be training after this change. We’ll see. Oh, and today is my 5 month mark. Kind of cool
I want to touch on the nonspiritual thing first. Well, I have grown a love for blow torching cockroaches and spiders. Sometimes i will search around the yard just to do it. It really builds my testosterone. It is really cool.
We are working really hard here to change the branch!  We just weren’t progressing like we should have. We have really began to turn things around. It started with little lessons with members and ward activities. We have hit ward leadership meetings really hard to try and fix some of the little, easy mistakes. As a result, we have been getting more references and lessons with members which is awesome. References are gold. Really, refer people to missionaries! Even if they dont want to accept, you are at least showing the elders in your area that you have a desire to help the work of the Lord.
We snagged a baptism date last night with Christian. He had been struggling to find a testimony, but we finally found out what his doubt was. We cleared that up and talked to the parents, who are really stubborn, and worked a plan to get him baptized this Sunday. It will be my first one in almost a month and a half. What a long drought! We are planning to put a couple more dates this week.
Raul. is a investigator that has been showing a little more promise. The only thing he really struggles with is the day of rest. He needs to stop working, and when he does that, I think he will be ready to be baptized.
We have a visit from Elder Cook of the quorum of the 12 and so i am excited for that! He is coming to visit all 3 missions in El Salvador on Thursday. Yes, i will have to wake up at 4. Ouch.
That is it this week really. I am grateful for this church and for all the things i have learned in my mission! I love it and look forward to lessons daily, for the chance i have to help change the lives of people living here.
Thanks for all the support, it really means a lot! Love you guys.

Elder Slack


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