February 3, 2014

Hey! I am back! Sorry i didnt have anything last week. Time was really short and i didnt want to spend a ton of time writing a letter that was long. Anyways.
For the first time in my mish, i went 2 days with NO english. it was awesome and really hard. but i did it. i felt like a champion.
We have changes coming up wednesday! We find out tomrrow for sure, but my comp has been here for 5 months, so he is probably going to head out. It has been good to see him grow and change.
I had a baptism last sunday, it was great! The stars have really aligned for this month. We have 7 inv that are really positive, and i think we will baptize all 7 this month.
J. was an investigator that was really positive. We called her to set an appointment and she said well, i dont want lessons anymore. It came out of nowhere, and it kind of hurt. They dont understand what they are doing when they do that.
R.l is still progressing. I went on divisions with Elder Draper, zone leader, who is a really big dog in the mision. i was nervous but it went really good, and he is really cool. i hope i can serve like him in a while! Reminds me of a guy like craig goff. But we found out that the wife of r really isnt even his wife. They have lived together for 42 but never got married, so we gotta get them married this month. i think we end up doin that next saturday or so. He is still progressing and still positive and all.
M. is a grandma that we contacted who has 9, 11, 7, and 13 year old grandkids. Man, they are gold! They went to church this week, and when we asked the kids questions about jesus and john the baptist and all, it was so sweet. Why was jesus baptized? to be an example. Who baptized him? JOhn the Baptist. Why did john the baptist do it? He had the priesthood. T>hese were all answers from 9 and 11 year olds!! They werent even present for the lesson, but they tore through the pamphplet. They will baptize this month, from all signs.
Thanks for all the prayers and support! I feel it daily. I love the mision and my faith and testimony continues to grow. I pray for your success! Love you all!
ELder Slack

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