February 10, 2014

Hey everyone! Still hanging in there, despite the really hot temperatures! I heard February, March, and parts of April are miserable. It is really hot and dry, so we’ll see how it goes. that is what i have to look forward to.
First off, my buddy Elder Bauserman had a little tumor on his arm. He ended up getting it lazered off in Santa Ana, but he was out a few days of work. Unforunately, we are in a branch becuase of the lack of melchezidek priesthood. Therefore, i had to spend a day in the house with him to recoup.   My comp did it the next day and so we missed 2 days to work in our area. This slaughtered our numbers this week so i got a little lectured. That made it a little frustrated, bummy weeek, but not much i could have done. Just going to work harder this month.
Aaaaaand my comp didnt have changes this week! No one in the house did! I was shocked! Another 6 weeks with Elder Montero. My Christlike attributes still have a little shaping to do i guess! Haha, no he is good. Just dont have anything in common with him which is a little harder than it was with Ayala. Elder Ayala, my first comp, is one of my best friends in the mission. I still call him every night and we talk about how he is going to go to the states to marry Ash.
Some of you guys have asked about my goal with Spanish. I wanted to have it down pretty solid by Valentines Day, because it would be around my 6 month mark. I can happily say that i have met my goal. I understand just about everything on the tv, investigators, etc. and i can speak well. I still dont have the perfect accent down, but i have progressed a lot faster than a lot of kids.  So i have been blessed. Just know Spanish is not a major stressor for me! I have been really blessed! Really pumped that i met my goal!
Our investigators are still progressing but not accepting baptism dates. R. needs to get married. M and her grandkids need to exercise faith. It seems like all our investigators have a tesitmony and know the church is true and everything, but they are a little nervous to accept the dates. We just need to invite better and try to make sure they understand it is easy, simple, and brings a ton of blessings.
Glad to hear my Cougars are still doing good. For those of you who thought i had forgotten or who thought i would lose a desire… haha. Nope, still loyal, strong, and true. Love my Cougars, excited for them to win the WCC this year.
Thanks for all the support. I love you all and want you all to know that i know this is the church of God!
Love, Elder Slack

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