February 17, 2014

 Hey everyone! So this week was pretty solid. There were some low points, but there always are. We finally put a date! It is about time. The grandma M. accepted to prepare for the 2nd of March! Her 3 grandkids want to be baptized as well, so we will try to get permission this week to baptize them as well. The only problem is that the pastor of the mom told her that before mormons baptize, they tell people to think of a dead person, and when they are baptized, supposedly we believe that they resurrect. Man, these churches here really hurt us. I dont know why people don’t catch on to the fact that the other churches focus more on neighboring churches than teaching the doctrines of Christ. 
This week out lessons really improved. We have had certifications this week and will finish next month. These are a weekly tests on how our lessons are. It is really stressful and they grade really hard. I feel like I am teaching the entire lessons sometimes and it is a little tiring. But it is good for me to learn to be a better teacher and really good to help me learn the language. 
We contacted some kid about 2 months ago who had been taught by missionaries before. He totally shut us down and was really closed. We decided he just wasn’t ready, so we dropped him. We started seeing him show up at church with his friend S. but we didnt think much of it. Now with 3 assistances, we figured we oughta talk to him again. Turns out S. has been a huge factor for him. K, the kid, now is taking lessons and preparing for baptism. We already have permission from his grandparents to baptize him next month, he just needs to tell us and then he is ready to accept the date. We want to do it the 9th of March, but I think 16 is more likely because of the presidential elections here. He is a boss. He went and visited several investigators with us yesterday, and he is ready for baptism, he just doesn’t know it yet. It has been really cool to see a ton of stories like this happen in this area. There are so many youth and the adults don’t care to help us out too much. The youth have absolutely helped this work explode in this area. The youth in Utah need to realize how big of an impact their example and everything can be, even if they don’t think so. 
I am doing really good and am enjoying the mission. I am learning stuff every day, and that has been fun as well. It is cool to know I have so much supoprt from home, especially from my family and some friends. A mission is by no means easy, but it is something I am glad I made the decison to do. I have made some sacrifices to be here obviously, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I lost a few friends by making the decision to serve a mission, but this is something I have wanted to do since I was in primary. I officially have 6 months under my belt for the mission, so I am finally starting to get in the flow of things. I love the mission and my missionary buddies I have met. A mission really hasn’t turned out to be too big of a sacrifice, save the 13 byu football games I missed, the byu basketball season, and a little jimmer fredette of course. But I love this gospel and know without a doubt that it is true. It is awesome to be able to look in the eyes of people here and tell them that in their own language, and to see their heart soften and the spirit smack them in the face. 
I hope you are all doing good!! I love you all and thank you all for everything! Letters, emails, prayers, etc. means a lot. 
Go Cougars.
Elder Slack

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