February 24, 2014

Hey everyone! Another week in the mission come and gone! It was a pretty good one actually! We snagged 14 news which is always nice, including 11 of those in 2 days. We are working hard still and doing what we can to get a few more dates with our investigators. We dont have any huge things that happened this week, but I have received a lot of emails asking about El Salvador. This is something I havent really touched on, because this is home for me now and things that happen are just normal for me, but not for you guys. So we’ll talk about some of this stuff. 
First off, this week has been really hot! I dont know if it has been the increase of humidity or what, becuase it has been raining a little more, but man, it has been tough. This isnt just summer-type hot. No. This is the, I can only wear my shirt once before I need to bleach it, hot. I feel like I sweat and sweat and sweat. I drink water and then it comes out of every poor of my body. Gross, but it is the truth. I shower in the mornings, but I shower sometimes at night just because I dont want to destroy my bed. 
I sleep on a sheetless matress with a small bedsheet over me just to keep the mosquitos out. I sleep on the only top bunk, which makes no sense to me at all, but at least i have a beautiful view of our room. 
The rain has been coming. We dont have roof on majority of the house, and so the rain really takes a toll. It is really loud and i feel like we are really confined and cant leave. This is heavy, heavy rain. 
I dominated eating this week. Elder Bauserman has tried to push me to eat better, so I have been doing that. What were you eating before, Elder Slack? Eh, haha. I ate 15 eggs in 3 days, 12 chorizo (type of sausage) in 4 days, 2 onions and green peppers in 4 days, which is great! i downed a gallon of milk with some strawberry nesquik mix in 4 days. the only problem? Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were brutal. I hate begging the others for food, but this is what I did. oh, also ate quite a bit of rice. 
Every morning I work out with Elder Bauserman. We leave the house at 6 and get back at 7. We take about a mile run to a soccer field, run around the field about 10 times in total, with little breaks to pump out push ups and do ab work outs, then make the mile run back to the house. I am getting in pretty good shape, and it feels really good! I am not fat but nice to start seeing some more definition. Maybe I will get married when I get home. 
The animals here are… well, limited. Suposedly toucans will come soon, but all I have seen here are bats, taquazines–a type of rat, mice, yellow parokeets, lizards, iguanas, dogs, chicken, and some of the people. I figured being in Central America jungle-y areas I would see more. …..Nope. 
I am doing really good! I love the culture and the people. I love the language, more so after I have been getting better at it. I have people tell me I speak really well and it is really easy to understand me, then there are others who recognize I am an American and give me the whole ”why are you talking in english to me”  thing.  
But I love the mission and how much stronger my testimony has grown. I love this gospel and am so glad I decided to make the decision to serve the Lord and help the people of El Salvador live with their families forever. 
Love you guys and thank you for all the support and prayers!! Go Cougars.
Love, Elder Slack

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