March 3, 2014

Hey everybody! I am doing really good! We’ll start out with the events that happened this week. 
I had a dinner cita finally on wednesday. We had some cheese pupusas, and they were easily the best ones i have had here! Oh man. Usually i am not nuts about pupusas, but these were special. 
Another set of members gave me some type of flower to cook with eggs. Man, those were not very good. I cant even explain how it was. It wasnt like a bad taste, but it wasnt good at all. Haha. 
It is getting hotter and hotter here! I feel like every day it gets hotter. I drip sweat and it grosses me out. 
We were waiting to have someone answer a door we were knocking and they never came. I saw a bees hive and pretend to thorw a rock at it. My comp said i wasnt man enough to do it. Well…. yeah. I threw it and my comp got stung. It was so funny, he asked for it. 
February was the first month of my mission that i didnt baptize. It was really hard and I felt  like a bummy missionary. We have potential to put 6 dates this week, so hopefully we can do it. I am doing interchanges with one of the zone leaders to try and get these dates on thursday, so hopefully get those set. I love teaching with the zone leaders! 
I live with 4 missionaries, one of which is the district leader. I just hang out with him and learn as he takes numbers and all. I feel like I’m going to be district leader soon, and think i will adjust pretty easily. I am like the assistant district leader right now, learning a ton. 
On to the lessons. We met 20 news in 6 days which is nuts. We were doing work! Unfortunately, we dont have a ton of people who are really positive right now. R. almost had a date at one point until we found out he isnt married to the girl he has lived with for 45 years. What are they thinking? He has kind of dropped of our charts, strictly because his wife isnt taking the steps to get married. M. and her grandkids are mas o menos right now. One of the grand daughters went to church withus yesterday, but the grandma NEVER can. We had to drop a bautismal date with her, and that is TERRIBLE. Hopefully we can reestablish something this week. We are always teaching somebody named E. E. LOVES to talk. I am too nice and dont know how to stop her and tell her we need to teach her. Maybe someday i will learn. She is 25 years old and has 2 kids and a 40 year old husband. She is really nice though, and we are planning to set a date for her and her kid for the 18 of march. Her husband was baptized about 25 years ago but is inactive. He has gone to church 2 of the past 3 weeks and loves it though! He will be reactivated soon enough. 
She has a lot of stress with money right now. Her husband had a previous marriage and she is stealing all the money or something like that. E. has a really hard time with that and she ended up asking us why we were in her home. We told her the truth. We were going to contact her neighbors but we saw her sweeping outside and then she called us into her house. We were caught offguard but we went in anyways. She said she though one of her friends had sent us to her, or she wouldnt have invited us in. Turns out the message of the gospel is just what her and her family has needed.   She loves the lessons and what we teach her, and also loves how she feels in church. It has really strengthened my testimony that the Lord gives us people who are prepared. It is never how we expect, but it always works out. I am grateful for the spirit i have felt as i was guided to her, it has been incredible. I love this gospel and thank the Lord every day for the chance i have to share it with people here in Llaño Doña Maria. 
Love, Elder Slack

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