March 10, 2014

This week was so solid! It was probably the best week of my mission so far. I had some sweet experiences with my zone leader and while on divisions a couple difference days this week, so i’ll give a little update about how that went. 
Thursday, my zone leader, Elder Draper, came to our area. I ended up working with him all day, just us two. We had some really good lessons! We taught the inv named E. and had a really powerful lesson about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. We prayed with her on our knees and by the time the prayer was over, tears filled our eyes and E. started to cry. She commited to be baptized this 18th of March so I am really excited 🙂 We’ll be doing a musical number for her baptism as missionaries! I will be jamming on the uke. 
Saturday Elder Lopez came. Elder Lopez came and worked with us as well. Man this guy was dominate! I felt invincible just walking with him in the streets. We put a date with M. the grandma again for the 23rd, but this time it is set in stone. We also put a date to baptize a girl named S. the 30th! The problem with her is that we need to get her married. She is 17 and so it is a little tougher, but her parents support her and all 🙂 So we will be having a wedding the 29th of March as well. }
Thanks for all the support and emails. Sorry i don’t have a ton of time, but hope you guys know i love you! 
It was a sweet week! Really felt like an effective missionary, something every missionary needs once in a while. Hopefully this good karma can transfer onto the court as well! I am being obediente and diligent here, so blessings will come. Go Cougars. 
Elder Slack

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