March 17, 2014

Hey everyone! I am still doing really good! We have changes this week, and so i think i will be getting a new companion! We find out tomorrow.

This week should be pretty solid, however. We will be baptizing Elisabeth tomorrow night 🙂 it counts as a family because her husband got baptized like 25 years ago. It has been really cool to see her countenance change! She has been touched by the spirit and converted to the gospel, so i am excited to baptize her tomorrow night. Hopefully we can talk to her about baptizing her daughter soon too, she turns 8 today.
We have another baptism this Sunday with Maria. Maria is a grandma but is sweet! She is really quiet but has really changed as well. She understands the importance to be baptized by someone who holds the priesthood, and something that has really helped with her is all the support from the members in the ward. That is a huge help! She has 3 grandkids who are above 8 years old who are the cutest kids. They haven’t really shown a huge interest in being baptized until last night 🙂 we are going to invite them with a date again tomrrow and see if we can baptize them with their grandma on sunday. they have all already gone to church 3 times, so now it is just a matter of helping them obtain a desire.

We met two news yesterday who will be baptized in april. Ruth and Abigail are a mom and daughter who have been prepared by the Lord. We contacted them as a reference, and man, they were sharp! They talked about not liking any churches except for the Mormon church and some other one. She asked what is required of her to be baptized and when we could do it. We taught her the first lesson, but werent able to put a date with her yet, just because she hasnt gone to church yet. Hopefully next week when i write you guys, we will have them with a date, as well as 2 others and would have baptized 5 the previous (this) week.
We are finally seeing all of our work pay off. It is so exciting to see people make decisions to better their lives. For example, Maria had been drinking coffee multiple times, daily for years and when we taught the word of wisdom, she totally dropped it. She is now 3 weeks coffee free 🙂 We cant feel more freedom or love from Christ than when we obey and do the things we are supposed to do. This means go to seminary, church, temple, etc. Something easy to think is that when we have these ”rules” that they are restrictions, not ways to help us have more freedom. There are people who smoke and break a commandment, well, it sucks for their health. There are people that disobey their parents because they dont want to go to church or seminary. Well? It’s the same exact thing. When we obey and do the things we are supposed to do, we feel more free, not only spiritual, but temporally as well.
Love you all! Excited to spend another week living the life here in Llano Doña Maria, El Salvador.
Elder Slack

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