March 24, 2014

Hey everybody!
This week was awesome. We met a bunch of news and had a couple of baptisms! 
On Tuesday we baptized the hermana E! She is someone we have been teaching for some time now 🙂 I was able to baptize her and she was so happy! We played a music number before the baptism, we played and sang Army of Helaman as I played it on the uke. I dont think it was too bad 🙂 it was cool to play before the baptism. 
Wednesday we had changes! My comp Elder Montero left, and now i am with Elder Lopez. He is from Nicaragua and is pretty cool. We teach well together and have the spirit in all of our lessons. He is a little goofy but he is a good guy, and we are going to continue to do some work in the area. I remember when I came in and the area was dead. Cool to see it starting to come to life now. 
I also made a new friend at changes. His name is Elder Havili and he is from Seattle Washington. He is a running back for UCLA and so we are going to get along just well. Unfortunately we are in different zones, but I think I may see him this week at a multi zone. The kid is a stud! He is huge. 
Saturday we baptized the hermana M! She has a surgery for her breast cancer on Wednesday, and so we baptizd her a day earlier than planned so she could be confirmed in church the next day. I was able to baptize her as well, but for the first time in my mish, I had to rebaptize her. Her knee popped up and so she was pretty embarrased. But the second time worked 🙂 haha. 
It is a really cool opportunity that we have as missionaries to watch people change their lives because of a message that we as members have usually taken advantage of. This church is true, and nothing has helped me learn that better than learning more about other churches. I am grateful to belong to a church that has apostles and prophets and the power and authority of God. This church is true! 
This saturday I think we will be having another baptism. We have been teaching someone named S. She has to get married, and this is what we are going to go confirm tonight. We are planning to do a joint wedding, (her and another pareja of the other companionship) on
Saturday, and then baptize them afterwards. Really glad people are accepting the teachings and following through and keeping committments and everything!!!
Even though BYU lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament, the church is still true. I am grateful for the love and support I receive from my family and friends and for the chance i have to serve in this awesome country. I love you guys and hope you guys all have an awesome week. 
Elder Slack

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