March 31, 2014

Hey everybody! This was actually a pretty dang good week! We got a lot of stuff done and our numbers at the end of the week were killer. It was fun last night to kind of celebrate back to back dominate weeks. 
I forgot to mention something about changes last week. Well, we had a change in zone leaders. My new zone leader is Elder Draper.  Well, Elder Ayala, my trainer/dad is one of my 3 closest friends in the mission, so it is awesome that i get to work with him a ton now! 🙂 Some of my best friends in the mish are the zone leaders and my district leader. Kiss up? maybe, but it is working for me. 
This week we had another baptism! 17 year old S. finally got baptized!  In order to do that, we had to do the marriage as well. So, we did a marriage Saturday morning literally right before the baptism. It was my first wedding in the mission and my 2nd baptized family. She was pretty pumped and I was really lucky to have the opportunity to baptize her. Hopefully she continues to progress in the church. 
My convert in this area, M Ines, had surgery on Thursday for her breast cancer. I gave her a blessing the night before, as well as her daughter, and as far as we know, everything has gone smoothly!  It is cool to be able to use the priesthood like I have this week. Confirmation, baptism, blessings, etc. 
We met 16 news this week which is nuts!  We have been dropping a lot of investigators a lot recently, one of the hardest things to do in the mission.  You teach these people and see the potencial they have to drop bad habits, come to Christ, and be blessed as a family and everything, and they still don’t give up things they HAVE to give up to be baptized.   But, it is something that is necessary in the mish. 
Random. I see Utah Jazz jerseys everywhere, mainly Karl Malone jerseys. They are the sick old fashion purple ones. Colton Whitney would love these guys. Something else I have started to notice recently is all the Real Salt Lake gear. Tshirts, jackets, jerseys, shorts, etc. they have it all!  Real Salt Lake is probably the US soccer team I see the most of here. 
To close, I wanted to share a scripture I found this week. It is in 64:15. (I don’t know what book…he didn’t put it in) I learned that we can’t sin, because if we do, we might be called out by God in the scriptures. 
Thanks for all the suppport! I continue to feel loved and blessed to be a missionary and receive tons of support from friends and family! I know this church is true and am grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ, excited to focus on that this month. 
Anyways, love you guys and write next week. Go Cougars!
PS. Had to note that I still beat by dad in the March Madness NCAA bracket. 
Elder Slack

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