April 28, 2014

Yeah the whole robbing situation was really weird man. I came in my room and found all my stuff put in different places, it was kind of eery.   If i see that kid wearing my hat, we’d have problems.  I guess they are like 16 year old kids.   Some of our neighbors are going to do an investigation with the cops because some of the area is getting pretty nervous because our house was the most secure, and we still got robbed.   They didnt take a ton of meds, I didnt recognize any specific ones taken.  Just took a big unopened thing of shaving cream that kind of sucks for me.

We have changes this week and I feel I am out.  I am not even going to buy any groceries today,   Gonna wait till Thursday.   I hope I go to Santa Ana and I hope I will be district leader, but we’ll see.   I wont be training again which is kind of a bummer.

Yeah man, it is so weird.   I go home in 14 and a half months,  I already have 8.   One of my buddies, Elder Larson, goes home on Wednesday.  But yeah, we’ll have to check out that Texas game.  I saw the highlights in the CCM, but I want to watch the whole game.  What happened against Utah man?   You said we ran a kick back for a td and it was called back?  That is dumb!

Yeah we had the baptism last night!   His name is K. and he is a stud.   He is only like 14 but we helped him overcome some addictions with the word of wisdom.   I was pumped to see him get baptized!   I have 12 that I have done, but if you count dates that I have also put but left right after, I have like 18.   Slowly climbing.   We put another date this week and will put 2 more tomrrow, but I think I am out the day after tomorow.   Kind of sucks for me.

Playoff hockey is special man.   What the heck happened?   The Wings really lost?   What round?   Yeah man I am still the same kid!   I am just able to speak Spanish now and have a sick tan line on my neck.   I still have all the same likes and stuff. oh, plus I eat a lot more stuff.    Excited to not have people nag about it anymore.

Elder Slack


April 21, 2014

This week was crazy. Monday was a pretty good day, I got some videos onto a USB that my family had sent me forever ago, and we also put a date!   K is about 13 or 14 and loves the church.  All his friends are members and he told us he wants to get baptized.  We had visited him a ton and he never really showed a ton of interest.  Not sure what happened, but he asked us Monday night when he could be baptized.  We kind of scrambled through our planners and decided the 27th would be a good idea. Thus, a date was set.   We gave him a baptism registry to take to his grand parents to sign because they aren’t to fond of us.   We made plans to pick that up Tuesday, and then he left.  He came back about 2 minutes later with it signed. awesome!!   So we were able to count it as a date on Monday.  So this Sunday, another soul will be saved. DC 18, 15-16.
The rest of the week until Friday was pretty normal. Not much happened. Got a few songs for the uke from my momma, thank you! and also a few letters that I forgot to reply to this morning.   Whoops. 
Friday was pretty sweet. We had the chance to go to the temple with investigators!  We had like 6 committed but only 1 came.  His girlfriend is a member that is my neighbor now, we’ll get to that in a bit. but the temple was good.  I was randomly assigned by one of the assistants to teach by the entrance of the temple, about how to get in, the dude who sits behind the counter, and explain a few pics that were on a poster, and all was good. 
The activity was sweet and we got back at about 7.   We had noticed that slowly money was disappearing and we just figured we kept losing.  this time, I walked into my room to find my suit cases opened, my medicine box opened on the floor, and all my binders and books and stuff reeeeally disorganized, not something I would do at all!  I felt really uncomfortable and a little creeped out to know someone had been searching through my stuff. they didn’t take a lot, and I am pretty sure they were just kids because they didn’t take a lot of things of value. they took about 25 bucks, my byu snapback (grrrrrr), my airplane speakers I bought, some sun glasses, and my food. Some ramen, milk, and eggs. Whatever.  They left my uke and my nike hyperdunks, and some other stuff, so who knows. Poor elder bauserman got the worst of it. a 500 gb usb and 95 bucks robbed.  We called the Mission Pres and he just told us to pack all our stuff and get out he next morning.   We were safe and all, so it wasn’t a big deal. but it was kind of freaky.  They just hopped a wall that is pretty easy to do to get into the house. 
I am now living with Papa Ayala and Elder Draper, my zone leaders, in a city about 10 minutes away called Turin. I love to shower there, because they have water that isn’t too cold and because I dont have to throw a bucked of cold water on my head. The house is really sick though, and i will feel bad when we finally leave there.  we found a house though so we will probably move in this weeek. 
I love the gospel and for the chance i have to help people change. The mission really is awesome. I have grown a lot in every way–spiritually and physically. I am about 6’4 and a half. Cant wait to play ball when I get back. 
Love you guys and all you do for me!   Hope you all had a good Easter and have a good week!
Love, Elder Slack

April 14, 2014

Man sorry, this is gonna be a nice and short sweet letter this week.

Something I have seen a lot of lately is the El Salvador national bird. It looks sick, google it!
We cut wood with an axe as a sevice project this week and I learned just how unathletic my companion is. hahaha. oh man. I felt like a stud. It was a lot of fun though! Always good to get out and do that sort of stuff.
Yesterday was a first for me in church. I blessed the sacrament, lead the hymns in sacrament, and I went up to bear my testimony. I felt like the superstar of the sacrament meeting. It was great.
I saw a guy wearing a BYU shirt on Saturday! I used every bit of strength in my body to fight the urge to give him a big ol bear hug.
The work is going strong and we are progressing a lot. I love the mission even though it is pretty tough. We are working to put a few baptismal dates this week, I will feel really bad if we dont baptize this month. I have only had one month when I didnt baptize. Gotta dunk someone!
I love you guys and thank you for al the support. I know the church is true and that the gospel can bless everyone!!
Love, Elder Slack
PS Go Red Wings. And congrats to Desi (my cousin) on making the BYU cheer team! That is so sick!!!! I had someone check for me on tuesday night, I really wanted to know!

April 7, 2014

Hey everyone!  All is good here in El Salvador still!  Gonna make this a little quick, but here we go. 
First off, the clouds are starting to form and sometimes I think they are going to destoy our city of Ahuachapan Apparently the rain starts next month, so that’ll be fun.  Can’t use an umbrella either, the only people that use umbrellas here are the Jehovah Witnesses.  It is kind of a joke of the mission. 
Conference was pretty sweet this year.  Saturday was easily the most relaxing day of the mission for me.  We didn’t have any investigators there, so we just hung out.  The stake president let all the American missionaries watch the sessions in his office.  We had tons of snacks, air conditioning, etc.  There wasn’t stress and plus I got to actually hear their voices!  It was technically my first conference in the mission because Elder Ayala (my first companion) had dengue so we couldn’t go in October. 
Randall L Ridd gave a solid talk in the priesthood session. 
Sunday, R. and A. went to the conference! They are super positive and want to be baptized. They liked everything about the conference, especially how organized EVERYTHING in the church is. We invited them to be baptized on the 20th, but they said not yet. I am not sure why not yet, but we’ll see. I would put my money on them getting baptized the 27th. 
The biggest problem we have to work with investigators here are things that ladies don’t have to worry about. First is coffee. Everyone in this country drinks coffee. Second, is that everyone lives with each other. We have 5 investigators that have lived with their ”partner” for 10+ years, and aren’t married and one of those don’t want to get married.  It is dumb and sometimes it is hard to not just leave them. R, J, A, etc. they gotta get married man!
But the work is good and still progressing. Happy to be a representative of the Lord’s church, even though it isn’t easy.  Love you guys and hope all is well with each of you personally!  Go Cougars.  And Red Wings.  Sneaking up on Stanley Cup time. 
Elder Slack