April 7, 2014

Hey everyone!  All is good here in El Salvador still!  Gonna make this a little quick, but here we go. 
First off, the clouds are starting to form and sometimes I think they are going to destoy our city of Ahuachapan Apparently the rain starts next month, so that’ll be fun.  Can’t use an umbrella either, the only people that use umbrellas here are the Jehovah Witnesses.  It is kind of a joke of the mission. 
Conference was pretty sweet this year.  Saturday was easily the most relaxing day of the mission for me.  We didn’t have any investigators there, so we just hung out.  The stake president let all the American missionaries watch the sessions in his office.  We had tons of snacks, air conditioning, etc.  There wasn’t stress and plus I got to actually hear their voices!  It was technically my first conference in the mission because Elder Ayala (my first companion) had dengue so we couldn’t go in October. 
Randall L Ridd gave a solid talk in the priesthood session. 
Sunday, R. and A. went to the conference! They are super positive and want to be baptized. They liked everything about the conference, especially how organized EVERYTHING in the church is. We invited them to be baptized on the 20th, but they said not yet. I am not sure why not yet, but we’ll see. I would put my money on them getting baptized the 27th. 
The biggest problem we have to work with investigators here are things that ladies don’t have to worry about. First is coffee. Everyone in this country drinks coffee. Second, is that everyone lives with each other. We have 5 investigators that have lived with their ”partner” for 10+ years, and aren’t married and one of those don’t want to get married.  It is dumb and sometimes it is hard to not just leave them. R, J, A, etc. they gotta get married man!
But the work is good and still progressing. Happy to be a representative of the Lord’s church, even though it isn’t easy.  Love you guys and hope all is well with each of you personally!  Go Cougars.  And Red Wings.  Sneaking up on Stanley Cup time. 
Elder Slack

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