April 14, 2014

Man sorry, this is gonna be a nice and short sweet letter this week.

Something I have seen a lot of lately is the El Salvador national bird. It looks sick, google it!
We cut wood with an axe as a sevice project this week and I learned just how unathletic my companion is. hahaha. oh man. I felt like a stud. It was a lot of fun though! Always good to get out and do that sort of stuff.
Yesterday was a first for me in church. I blessed the sacrament, lead the hymns in sacrament, and I went up to bear my testimony. I felt like the superstar of the sacrament meeting. It was great.
I saw a guy wearing a BYU shirt on Saturday! I used every bit of strength in my body to fight the urge to give him a big ol bear hug.
The work is going strong and we are progressing a lot. I love the mission even though it is pretty tough. We are working to put a few baptismal dates this week, I will feel really bad if we dont baptize this month. I have only had one month when I didnt baptize. Gotta dunk someone!
I love you guys and thank you for al the support. I know the church is true and that the gospel can bless everyone!!
Love, Elder Slack
PS Go Red Wings. And congrats to Desi (my cousin) on making the BYU cheer team! That is so sick!!!! I had someone check for me on tuesday night, I really wanted to know!

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