April 28, 2014

Yeah the whole robbing situation was really weird man. I came in my room and found all my stuff put in different places, it was kind of eery.   If i see that kid wearing my hat, we’d have problems.  I guess they are like 16 year old kids.   Some of our neighbors are going to do an investigation with the cops because some of the area is getting pretty nervous because our house was the most secure, and we still got robbed.   They didnt take a ton of meds, I didnt recognize any specific ones taken.  Just took a big unopened thing of shaving cream that kind of sucks for me.

We have changes this week and I feel I am out.  I am not even going to buy any groceries today,   Gonna wait till Thursday.   I hope I go to Santa Ana and I hope I will be district leader, but we’ll see.   I wont be training again which is kind of a bummer.

Yeah man, it is so weird.   I go home in 14 and a half months,  I already have 8.   One of my buddies, Elder Larson, goes home on Wednesday.  But yeah, we’ll have to check out that Texas game.  I saw the highlights in the CCM, but I want to watch the whole game.  What happened against Utah man?   You said we ran a kick back for a td and it was called back?  That is dumb!

Yeah we had the baptism last night!   His name is K. and he is a stud.   He is only like 14 but we helped him overcome some addictions with the word of wisdom.   I was pumped to see him get baptized!   I have 12 that I have done, but if you count dates that I have also put but left right after, I have like 18.   Slowly climbing.   We put another date this week and will put 2 more tomrrow, but I think I am out the day after tomorow.   Kind of sucks for me.

Playoff hockey is special man.   What the heck happened?   The Wings really lost?   What round?   Yeah man I am still the same kid!   I am just able to speak Spanish now and have a sick tan line on my neck.   I still have all the same likes and stuff. oh, plus I eat a lot more stuff.    Excited to not have people nag about it anymore.

Elder Slack


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