Elder Slack, Elder Ayala, Elder Draper


May 26, 2014

Hey everyone! Another week done, it is flying! I swear it goes faster and faster each week.. Kind of fun. This week was pretty good.

We baptized D, K, and M on Wednesday. It was crazy, We had to go city to city in a bus to get all of the papers because some people forgot to turn in photo copies of IDs. But everything worked out well for the marriage and we were able to baptize them right after. We have been talking with them and they really want to be sealed in the temple, so we are going to hop right into preparations to get them sealed next May! ūüôā It would be really cool to end my mission with a sealing of a family I baptized.¬†
We put a baptism date with A, but we have to snag her birth certificate before we can actually count it. We had to call the other mission to send it to us, but we should have it by the end of the week. The baptism will be for June 7, which is 4 days before I leave this area. it will be cool to leave this area with another baptism, it has been fun to see La Labor grow during my time here. The members are finally doing better. 
The weather is definitely changing. it has been raining more and when that happens, the air gets really humid and the frogs also come out, huge toads. We walk on the streets and see obliterated toads in the streets. You can see more of their insides than outsides haha. I love it and will have to get a picture of one this week. 
It is really humid though. That isn’t as fun.¬†
Tomorrow we get to go to the temple. I am pumped. I have been to the temple 5 times in Spanish, and 2 times in English, so that is pretty cool. I am pumped to buy stuff from the distribution center tomorrow. It isn’t Scheels, but it is still pretty cool.¬†
I am doing good here and working hard! That is all I have for this week. I will try to get more info next week, it was kind of a boring week. 

i love you all, but probably not as much as I love BYU sports. 

Elder Slack

May 19. 2014

It was kind of a weird week, really. We finally found a house to live in in our area and we will move in the first of June. it has2 floors but is pretty nice so I am excited. there are always about 10 bats that chill in the bathroom, that can make for some fun trips.
We were traveling back to our area one night when i felt a bump. I asked what my comp what it was and he told me he thought it was just a rock. I look back and see a twitching dog behind us on the road. Whoops. Drove past it a couple days ago and it looks like it didn’t make it.
Yesterday after church we went to our old house and cleaned a ltitle more. We had disconnected the fridge about 3 weeks earlier without realizing that there was still eggs and stuff inside. It took about about an hour to clean out all the mold and hundreds of maggots that infested the fridge. We forgot to clean inside the vents and stuff, and so¬†I am sure it isn’t even completely clean yet. Gross, wish¬†I had pictures.
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were rough. We weren’t able to work in our area for very much time and¬†I was prety nervous about how our numbers would turn out at the end of the week. The mission president has been having personal interviews with all the missionaries, and so it was my zone’s turn on Wednesday. I got taught about the importance of making every second count, and so¬†I have cut study time in half to teach more lessons. Thursday-Sunday were sweet. We tore it up. It felt good to finally get a good number of lessons and everything in.
I knew some people probably wondered how many lessons and stuff we actually teach. I did some math last night, so I hope you enjoy all the work I did.
In my mission, I have 808 lessons with investigators. 306 new investigators. 164 lessons with less actives and recent converts. My first two weeks in the field I didn’t have any lessons because my trainer had dengue, so the numbers started after, but pretty crazy. Kind of fun to see,¬†I think.
We werent able to do the baptisms last week because we didn’t get the birth certificates in time to do the wedding. We now have plans to do the wedding on Wednesday at 11 in the morning and the baptism at 2.¬†¬† So that’ll rack up another 3 baptisms for this week.
We had 4 people go to church yesterday and all 4 want to get baptized. the problem? 3 of them need to get married and their spouses of 12, 27, and 47 years (years together, not ages) do not want to get married. ¬†It is easier to get people baptized than married in this country, it’s pathetic. 1 corintios 7:9.
Anyways, all is good here! I love the mission and am making memories I wont forget. I cant spell in English, but that is okay. I hope all is good at home and hope you guys all have a good week!
Elder Slack


May 12, 2014

Hey everybody! I hope you guys all had a good week!
Mine wasnt too bad! I was able to talk to my family and that was pretty sweet.
Not really anything has changed here. It is going to start raining any day now, and when it starts, it wont end until like November.
We have 3 baptisms on sunday with D, M, and K! I am really excited! There will be 4 baptisms in total, and so that will be pretty sweet.
We met a new girl this week named G and she is cool. I felt inspired to go to her house, so we knocked and began to teach lesson one. She explained how her mom had died 20 days prior, and so we hopped onto the plan of salvation. The spirit got really strong and she started to cry. It was so sweet! We started bearing testimony that she will really be able to live with her mom again one day and i did something i had only done once in my mission.. and that was choke up in a lesson. But it was really good and i think she really liked it. We came to know that one of the members in our ward that is a complete stud is actually family of her, so we are going to try and get her baptized in June.
A. went to church again, she is really bad health wise but still shows up to church and everything on her own. She wants to be baptized but her dumb man friend doesnt want to get married, so we need to work on him. Last time we talked to him, he told us he would think about it and let us know tomorrow! So we’re praying that the Lord softens his heart so A can finally get baptized.
I am rocking here and really happy! Love talking to my buddies here everyday and it will be a hard day when I have to take off my mission name tag for the last time. It is weird because i have so many friends that are ending their missions. Excited for new oportunities to serve the Lord and the people of El Salvador this next week.
Elder Slack

May 5, 2014

Hey everyone! Another week in the mission complete! It is starting to go really fast now. I am already almost down 9 months, kind of cool. 
This week was a little crazy. We can only work in our area from like 2 until 630 because we have to get back to Turin where we live. The number of lessons and everything drops, which makes it hard. Also, my buddy Elder Draper, had his toe nails ripped out and so we did divisions with him and even worked less time in our area. 
However, we put 3 more baptism dates. It is a family that¬†is going to get married. D, M, and their grand daughter K. They are awesome! They will be married and then baptized on the 18th, so that’ll be sweet! They want me to baptize them, so I¬†gladly will.¬†
David gave me some shoes as a gift. He has family from New York and so these shoes are sick leather shoes from New York.  They are kind of like boots but are really nice.  They were just too big for him, I will have to get a picture of these out next week.  I am stylin. 
I finally started reading Jesus the Christ this week.¬†¬† That book is sick.¬†¬†I suggest you guys to read it if you want to learn more about the atonement.¬†¬†¬†That is something¬†I¬†didn’t really understand before¬†I came out.¬†¬†I am still learning about it and dont understand a lot, but it is a good book and you learn a ton about Christ.¬†¬†¬†I also like to learn about Judas, the apostle who turned Christ in. Man that would suck to be in his shoes.¬†
I am grateful every day for the time I have here to be a servant of the Lord.  I am learning a ton and get to help people learn and turn their lives around.  I hope everything is good back in the Sates and that you guys know I am grateful for all the support!
Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Birthday Alekai! ¬†(Makell)
Love you guys. 
Elder Slack