May 5, 2014

Hey everyone! Another week in the mission complete! It is starting to go really fast now. I am already almost down 9 months, kind of cool. 
This week was a little crazy. We can only work in our area from like 2 until 630 because we have to get back to Turin where we live. The number of lessons and everything drops, which makes it hard. Also, my buddy Elder Draper, had his toe nails ripped out and so we did divisions with him and even worked less time in our area. 
However, we put 3 more baptism dates. It is a family that is going to get married. D, M, and their grand daughter K. They are awesome! They will be married and then baptized on the 18th, so that’ll be sweet! They want me to baptize them, so I gladly will. 
David gave me some shoes as a gift. He has family from New York and so these shoes are sick leather shoes from New York.  They are kind of like boots but are really nice.  They were just too big for him, I will have to get a picture of these out next week.  I am stylin. 
I finally started reading Jesus the Christ this week.   That book is sick.  I suggest you guys to read it if you want to learn more about the atonement.   That is something I didn’t really understand before I came out.  I am still learning about it and dont understand a lot, but it is a good book and you learn a ton about Christ.   I also like to learn about Judas, the apostle who turned Christ in. Man that would suck to be in his shoes. 
I am grateful every day for the time I have here to be a servant of the Lord.  I am learning a ton and get to help people learn and turn their lives around.  I hope everything is good back in the Sates and that you guys know I am grateful for all the support!
Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Birthday Alekai!  (Makell)
Love you guys. 
Elder Slack

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