May 12, 2014

Hey everybody! I hope you guys all had a good week!
Mine wasnt too bad! I was able to talk to my family and that was pretty sweet.
Not really anything has changed here. It is going to start raining any day now, and when it starts, it wont end until like November.
We have 3 baptisms on sunday with D, M, and K! I am really excited! There will be 4 baptisms in total, and so that will be pretty sweet.
We met a new girl this week named G and she is cool. I felt inspired to go to her house, so we knocked and began to teach lesson one. She explained how her mom had died 20 days prior, and so we hopped onto the plan of salvation. The spirit got really strong and she started to cry. It was so sweet! We started bearing testimony that she will really be able to live with her mom again one day and i did something i had only done once in my mission.. and that was choke up in a lesson. But it was really good and i think she really liked it. We came to know that one of the members in our ward that is a complete stud is actually family of her, so we are going to try and get her baptized in June.
A. went to church again, she is really bad health wise but still shows up to church and everything on her own. She wants to be baptized but her dumb man friend doesnt want to get married, so we need to work on him. Last time we talked to him, he told us he would think about it and let us know tomorrow! So we’re praying that the Lord softens his heart so A can finally get baptized.
I am rocking here and really happy! Love talking to my buddies here everyday and it will be a hard day when I have to take off my mission name tag for the last time. It is weird because i have so many friends that are ending their missions. Excited for new oportunities to serve the Lord and the people of El Salvador this next week.
Elder Slack

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