May 19. 2014

It was kind of a weird week, really. We finally found a house to live in in our area and we will move in the first of June. it has2 floors but is pretty nice so I am excited. there are always about 10 bats that chill in the bathroom, that can make for some fun trips.
We were traveling back to our area one night when i felt a bump. I asked what my comp what it was and he told me he thought it was just a rock. I look back and see a twitching dog behind us on the road. Whoops. Drove past it a couple days ago and it looks like it didn’t make it.
Yesterday after church we went to our old house and cleaned a ltitle more. We had disconnected the fridge about 3 weeks earlier without realizing that there was still eggs and stuff inside. It took about about an hour to clean out all the mold and hundreds of maggots that infested the fridge. We forgot to clean inside the vents and stuff, and so I am sure it isn’t even completely clean yet. Gross, wish I had pictures.
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were rough. We weren’t able to work in our area for very much time and I was prety nervous about how our numbers would turn out at the end of the week. The mission president has been having personal interviews with all the missionaries, and so it was my zone’s turn on Wednesday. I got taught about the importance of making every second count, and so I have cut study time in half to teach more lessons. Thursday-Sunday were sweet. We tore it up. It felt good to finally get a good number of lessons and everything in.
I knew some people probably wondered how many lessons and stuff we actually teach. I did some math last night, so I hope you enjoy all the work I did.
In my mission, I have 808 lessons with investigators. 306 new investigators. 164 lessons with less actives and recent converts. My first two weeks in the field I didn’t have any lessons because my trainer had dengue, so the numbers started after, but pretty crazy. Kind of fun to see, I think.
We werent able to do the baptisms last week because we didn’t get the birth certificates in time to do the wedding. We now have plans to do the wedding on Wednesday at 11 in the morning and the baptism at 2.   So that’ll rack up another 3 baptisms for this week.
We had 4 people go to church yesterday and all 4 want to get baptized. the problem? 3 of them need to get married and their spouses of 12, 27, and 47 years (years together, not ages) do not want to get married.  It is easier to get people baptized than married in this country, it’s pathetic. 1 corintios 7:9.
Anyways, all is good here! I love the mission and am making memories I wont forget. I cant spell in English, but that is okay. I hope all is good at home and hope you guys all have a good week!
Elder Slack



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