May 26, 2014

Hey everyone! Another week done, it is flying! I swear it goes faster and faster each week.. Kind of fun. This week was pretty good.

We baptized D, K, and M on Wednesday. It was crazy, We had to go city to city in a bus to get all of the papers because some people forgot to turn in photo copies of IDs. But everything worked out well for the marriage and we were able to baptize them right after. We have been talking with them and they really want to be sealed in the temple, so we are going to hop right into preparations to get them sealed next May! 🙂 It would be really cool to end my mission with a sealing of a family I baptized. 
We put a baptism date with A, but we have to snag her birth certificate before we can actually count it. We had to call the other mission to send it to us, but we should have it by the end of the week. The baptism will be for June 7, which is 4 days before I leave this area. it will be cool to leave this area with another baptism, it has been fun to see La Labor grow during my time here. The members are finally doing better. 
The weather is definitely changing. it has been raining more and when that happens, the air gets really humid and the frogs also come out, huge toads. We walk on the streets and see obliterated toads in the streets. You can see more of their insides than outsides haha. I love it and will have to get a picture of one this week. 
It is really humid though. That isn’t as fun. 
Tomorrow we get to go to the temple. I am pumped. I have been to the temple 5 times in Spanish, and 2 times in English, so that is pretty cool. I am pumped to buy stuff from the distribution center tomorrow. It isn’t Scheels, but it is still pretty cool. 
I am doing good here and working hard! That is all I have for this week. I will try to get more info next week, it was kind of a boring week. 

i love you all, but probably not as much as I love BYU sports. 

Elder Slack

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