June 2, 2014

Really quick because I have to go, but here it is for the week.

I was studying DC 13:1 where it talks about sacrifices will be made before the second coming and I learned this meant animal sacrifices. Animal sacrifices to be made in the temples before the second coming.. interesting.

It was a pretty good week! We met some news, contacted some references, added some tamales de pato that was killed by Milagro (who i baptized) that morning. They wrap the tamales in banana tree leaves. Pretty cool though!

The key of the week is that we finally found the doubt of our investigator A. She has been to church 3 times but doesn’t feel ready to be baptized yet, even though she wants to be. She told us yesterday it is because she owns her own business in Ahuachapan. Unfortunately, this business is a strip club. Our 50 year old investigator that can not walk on her own because her diabetes is so strong, can not be baptized yet because she owns a strip club. hahaha The mission is great! We are working on getting her to sell it, but man. Talk about a shocker. That was my highlight of the day, yesterday.

All is good here and the rain has finally hit. I will get some good pictures out next week and write a better message for everyone. Love you guys and talk to you next week!

14 months from Thursday, crazy!

Elder Slack


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