June 9, 2014

Sorry this is going to be quick, my computer went down for a bit so I don’t have a ton of time left. 

The work is going good here! We brought 3 to church and think we may be able to put a few dates this weekend… but i am pretty sure i am out! We find out about changes tomorrow morning at around 9 o’clock, so we’ll see. 
This area is definitely harder to leave than when i left Los Ausoles. I can actually speak Spanish here, and i will really miss a lot of my converts. I am excited for a new area though. 
The rain is at full strength and that makes it fun. I got a few good pictures i will have to get out next week, but everything is good. I was sick this week and it made it a little hard to teach. 
It has been awesome to work in La Labor and to live here in Turin! I will miss my nightly checker matches with Elder Draper and chicken and cheese pupusas. I have been lucky to see the gospel bless the lives of many people here. Especially with David and Milagro, it has been a big blessing in my life to be able to help them make the changes they had been looking for for so long. The gospel really is the key to happiness.
I hope you guys all have a good week and don’t forget me.
Love, Elder Slack

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