June 16, 2014

I am going to get a solid long letter out this week! I will try to start doing better at that.

I am doing good! I had changes this past week which has been really nice! I was in the La Labor for 6 months but was happy to leave. It was hard to say by to converts, but that is it, really. I am now in Nahuizalco in Sonsonate. This area is sick! It is probably the most jungly in the entire mission. It is beautiful here! I guess i am surrounded by 5 volcanoes and everything is so green. I actually live in a the city Nahuizalco but work in the jungle. This is one of the only zones that has things you can buy of the Aztecs and Mayans and stuff, so i am stoked.

I am also training! Well, going to finish training someone. He has 6 weeks in the field, but is awesome. Elder Leiva is 24 and from Columbia! He lived in Madrid for a while too, he is a stud. He was baptized a year ago, yes, a year ago, and so i am having fun teaching him how to be a missionary and different stuff about the gospel. He may end up being one of my favorite comps. Saturday we tried visiting a place he wasnt really familiar with. After 2 hours of searching and finding nothing, walking down a steep mountain, crossing a river, running into the cops, and having them guide us up another huge mountain, we reached our destination and taught a solid lesson on the gospel of jesus christ.

I came here with 3 dates. We will have 3 baptisms on Sunday of P. and his two sons, Jose and Jose. Hahah original, right? But i am excited because Jose (24) has asked me to baptism. Whippin out the white pants again. We also have a lot of potential. We will be trying to get another 3 dates this week. In the past 3 years in my area alone, not ward or zone, but area, we have had 111 baptisms. It is a joke here amongst the missionaries that the waters of mormon were here.
My area is a pretty powerful ward. There are about 140 weekly in church. The members are cool and some even make pupusas on this popular corner every night. They hook us up with free pupusas and drinks nightly, so i usually snag 3 or 4 of chicken and cheese.
Something i have really been focusing on lately is how to recognize the spirit more in my life. Sometimes we get promptings to do something and then dont follow them, and then it bites us later. I have decided whenever we have any kind of prompting that could possibly result for something positive, we should do it because it is the spirit communicating with us. I have felt pretty in tune lately. These 2 weeks and been the most spiritual in my life, I’m learning a lot.
I bought something kind of cool last week. I dont know how many would remember, but i do. I saw the US play against Honduras in a world qualifier last year and wanted to buy a jersey. When i saw they were 90 bucks it kind of got me scared so i bought a jersey t shirt instead. I asked my fam to send me that shirt in a package a while ago, and i finally got it so i was pumped! I was walking down the road last monday and found this sick store with tons of jersey. I ended up buying the new 2014 nike world cup us jersey for 15 bucks. Dri Fit and everything. I love Nike.
I am not with Elder Bauserman or Elder Draper anymore, but i am still loving the mission! We are teaching a lot of positive people and seeing the fruits of our labors. Even though all of El Salvador watches the World Cup every day, we still find a way to teach a few lessons to some people.
I am really grateful to be here! The Lord has blessed me so much and it is a big honor to be a servant of the Lord for this time i have here in Nahuizalco. Hopefully we can keep working hard and helping more people come to christ.

Elder Slack


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