June 23, 2014


Another week down! Time is going pretty quick. Turned 10 months old this past week, I only have 13.5 months left. Time is going so fast! I’ll give a little highlight reel from my week.

Last Monday we played basketball after writing. I didnt bring any clothes to play in, so i just took off my nametag and tie. Man, my shot was dropping. Not bad for not really having played since September. Everyone in the zone and also a few converts were pretty impressed, so that was fun. It was a nice change from pretending to know how to play soccer. 
On Tuesday I did divisions with my buddy, Elder Smith. I had only been in my area for about 5 days and so I didnt know it perfectly, but we had fun. We taught some sweet lessons and committed a lot of people to church. We also had a cool family home evening with his comp and my comp, and about 25 people showed up. We watched a movie about the Atonement and taught a little bit afterwards. 
The next day, I went back to that family’s house because they always help us. They were baptized in September by my friend Elder Gonzales from Peru, and the 22 year old daughter who is prepping for a mission always loves to teach with us. When we got there, I saw a picture of a Mayan drawing. I asked about it, because I think that sort of thing is really sweet! Next thing I knew, the dad pulls out this box and 4 legit Mayan statues. He said people had come from Canada and Ahuachapan to analize them and ask where he found them and he wouldnt tell them. They are estimated to have been made before the times of Jesus Christ. It was really cool to hold them and feel them. 
We were at the house of that SAME family yesterday. At church i told them i would bring them a surprise, and so i did. I bought a ton of candy that had USA flag wrapping, and i gave the bag to them. I told them to cheer for me during the game against Portugal. When we came back in the night, they had taken the big bag and pierced a stick through it to fork a flag. Haha it was awesome! This family is really cool. The family Campos. 
On Tuesday night we were just hanging out in the house when it was raining when i saw a mouse run into a bag on the top of a suitcase. I took the bag and panicked, not knowing what to do. There was practically a river in front of the house because of all the hard pouring rain, and so i figured i would drown it. I take the bag outside and leave just enough room for the mouse to come out and splash into the water. When i emptied the bag to find no mouse, i was a little confused. Then Elder Rowberry yells, Slack it’s on your foot! right as the tail tickles my ankle. Man, adrenaline rush! But i kicked it into the river like I was in the world Cup. 
In the house we also have a taquazin living in the ceiling. Not on the roof, but in the ceiling. It is like a rat, but a whole lot bigger. Almost like a fat cat. 
Now for the work part of the week. This was probably the best week i have had on my mission. We had a lot of success and taught really effectively. By Thursday, we already had 12 people committed to go to church. Sunday rolled around and i left with my comp to go bring some investigators. One house after another, we would arrive to an empty house. I was getting pretty frustrated and didnt think anyone was going to show up. We get to church with 2 people to find another 10 waiting for us at the doors of the church! I was so pumped! We ended up having those 12, but 3 didnt count because they were baptized right after the meetings. 
Patrocinio, Jose, and Jose had been being visited by a neighboring and well known church that i will not mention, that had been teaching them anti-Mormon doctrine. I was really nervous and wasnt sure if they were still going to be baptized. On Saturday we had a really good lesson though and i made sure they knew that this other church was telling lies about the Church. Not a huge fan of that church. They visit all of our investigators and recent converts, people that they had never talked too until we arrived there. But the baptisms were solid and they were happy. We hope the mom and sister accept dates tomorrow for the 13th of july. I want them the 12th, but just because i am selfish.(that is Nate’s b-day) It would be great to baptize another family. 
J and the N family should get dates this week as well. J is a mom of a man who was baptized last month. She has gone to church 4 times and everything, we are just teaching her son how to peer pressure her into being baptized. She was baptized in the catholic church but doesnt understand the priesthood. I thnk she will come around though and also accept a date for 13th of july. 
The N family is just a grandpa and his 2 grand daughters who are crazy for any teenage kid that walks through the doors. They were really excited to go to church yesterday and really liked what they saw. The grandkdis have already accepted baptism for the 13th of july, we just need signatures from their mom because they are under age (16 and 12) and the grandpa said he likes the thought but wants a little timie to think about it. so we have 3 people thinking seriously about baptism, and 2 that have committed, we are just working on their papers. 
The work is really flurishing and i am learning how to be a better missionary and person every day. I am grateful for the opportunity i have had to change here in the mission and help people do the same. The church is true, no doubt about it. 
Go Cougars. 
Elder Slack

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