June 30, 2014

Hey everyone! We had another really solid week. We are being blessed! This area is awesome. We brought 6 investigators to church yesterday which is pretty good for the mission but i was bummed because we had some people that didn’t go because they were sick. but i am really happy!  We are working hard and being blessed by seeing the fruits of our labors. 

The three people we baptized last week were all confirmed yesterday which was pretty cool. We also put 3 baptism dates this past week. One is a lady named J. J is a mom of a recent convert, R, who was baptized last month. She has committed to be baptized on July 13th. I want to baptize her on the 12th because i am selfish, but i don’t think it would work out. She is a little hard to teach because she is like 65 and learns really slow, but we’re progressing. 
O is 16 and has accepted a date for the 13th of July. We are teaching him and his dad, and they both love it. The dad also wants to be baptized but he has to get married first. We are going to talk to his wife this week and see if we can pull out his papers so they can be married. That would count as another date! 
The last one is a 28 year old girl named E. Her whole family was baptize in September except for her and no one knew why. Tons of missionaries have visited her but she has never really progressed. She accepted a baptism on her birthday, July 12th! Whooo! Hopefully she sticks to it , we are going to visit her again tonight and talk to her again. She is the one i am worried about most, i think. 
This week President Cordon finished his mission so we have a new mission president now. President Cordon was awesome. He was in the quorum of the 70 before coming here, so i am sure he will be put back in soon. It was a weird feeling i had when we went to his goodbye party. I realized it is going to be a lot harder to end the mission than it was to start it. I love being here. I love talking to people. I love teaching. I love putting on my name tag. I hate wearing church pants, but everything else is awesome. It will be a really sad day when i have to talk off my name tag for the last time. 
Supposedly we are in the rain season, but it has rained one day in the past 14 or 15. Who knows. Maybe it will rain this week. 
The 4th of July is this week, that is crazy! I turn 11 months old in the mission that day. How many people get to say they are 18 years old and have 11 months in the mission? 
My comp really likes my royal blue BYU shirt with the old cougar over the BYU logo and has offered to buy it off me. I am spreading The Word of Truth with my companions. 
Last thing for the week is a bit of good news i received Saturday night. After 11 long months of tasteless, sad pizza, I have been made aware that Pizza Hut delivers to Nahuizalco. Whoo! Pizza Hut for lunch today. 
Thanks for all the support you all give me! I love the mission and the gospel! It can really change anyone. I have seen some people make a 180 degree turn in their life and see how happy it makes them. Just gotta keep finding the people the Lord prepares for us. 
Elder Slack

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