July 14, 2014

This week was actually a pretty solid one. We met almost every goal that we had put, except for one. That baptismal date we had for the 13? Yeah, he didn’t go to church so he could watch the World Cup Final. We will be baptizing him this next Sunday. Everything else went really smoothly though. We taught some good lessons and i also got to have my interview with the new mission president and his wife. They are awesome!! We will have a more personal relationship with them, i think. President Spjut called me Saturday night to wish me a happy birthday as well, so that was cool.
Yesterday we brought 4 people to church and put another baptism date. Patrocinio, the guy we baptized last month with his 2 sons, has a brother that was baptized with his son yesterday. His wife will be baptized this Sunday with the wife of Patrocinio and her daughter, who are our investigators. We are baptizing the whole family, so we are all really excited about that! We are expecting more of that family to baptized in August as well.
My birthday was pretty good. I got a few emails from people wanting to know what i did, how i celebrated, etc. We didn’t do too much, but we had fun. I woke up and it was the normal routine. For lunch we called Pollo Campero, a fast food place, and they delivered my BBQ chicken sandwich with onion rings on it to my house. It was delicious. I had lunch with my comp (surprise) and also Elder Smith and Elder Rosales. It was pretty fun. They also surprised me with a chocolate cake, and so after lunch, we ate that cake. It is a Latino tradition or something for the person with a birthday to bite into the cake after they sing happy birthday, just so people  can shove your face into it. Really hesitantly, i did it, and as a result, i got a nice, fair amount of chocolate cake shoot up my nose. It was fun though and i got a video of it and everything, so you guys will be able to enjoy my suffering in a few weeks when i get that memory card out. We went to work like normal, but the last appointment of the night was with a member named Felipe. He is a boss! He is always teasing his wife until she gets mad, and so i naturally like him. They are a really humbled family though and were baptized about 10 months ago. They prepared us a nice candlelit dinner with chicken, soup, and some bread. Then I came home and watch the Testaments before going to bed.
We are doing good though and i am still healthy! The Elders in my district are still recovering from their parasites, and i still haven’t been effected.
We have been teaching lessons really effectively and been trying to focus more on the spirit. As a result, we have taught a lot more about the temples and the plan of salvation and people really like it. We are going to have a trip to the temple on August 6 with investigators and recent converts, so we are trying to get them pumped up on temples now. One of the families we are teaching is the Nalasco family. They are the grandpa, his daughter, and her two daughters. The two grand daughters want to be baptized but don’t have permission from the mom yet. The mom knows the church is true and loves the lessons, (every lesson we have had with her has been way spiritual) but the school that her daughters go to only accepts that the students are catholic. If they are baptized, they have to change schools, so looks like we are at a wall until October when they end the school year. The grandpa also knows the church is true but is accustomed to the church he goes to and is scared to change just because he has so much time in the Evangelical church, so it more of a social problem than anything.
Everything is good and i am still loving the mission. Talk next week!
Elder Slack

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