August 25, 2014

This week was another pretty solid one. I am really enjoying my time here in Nahuizalco!
We had a couple people confirmed yesterday and brought 6 others to church. WE have some set plans to put some baptismal dates with some of them, but it isnt going to be easy!
We have 2 teenage girls that want to be baptized but dont have permission from the mom yet because they have bad grades in school, an older man that wants to be baptized but is nervous to do it because he only has one arm and is really shy, and another teenage kid that wants to be baptized and has permission from his dad, but his mom is making things difficult and doesnt want him to be baptized because the church supports marriage, something she doesnt want to take part of even after being with her boyfriend for 19 years and having 4 kids with him.
We’ll see what we can do though, and hopefully we finish this week with a few baptisms! 2 of the 4 mentioned we are counting as baptism dates for now.
It is still really, really hot here and I sweat when i even thinking about turning off the fan inside of the house. I didnt have any taquazines enter the house this past week, but i was with my buddy Elder Rowberry when a drunk man begged for money, so Rowberry bought him a soda and a few pieces of bread which somehow prompted the drunk guy to place Rowberry’s hand to his ear as he sobbed.
I swear i have weird experiences every day and, like the very last verse in the book of John says, if all of my weird experiences were written, the world couldnt contain the amount of books.
I am happy and am excited to pound some pizza on Saturday as I day dream a little. Funny how people always told me I would lose some of the love I have for BYU sports. Haha.
Glad to be a missionary, excited to see what these last 11 months and 1 week have in store for me! The church is true.

Elder Slack. Go Cougs, Beat UCONN.


August 18, 2014

Hey! Another week in the books, kind of crazy. 

This week was pretty good. We reached a lot of our goals and I had some pretty sweet experiences as well! As a mission, we aim to have 30 lessons with investigators every week. This week we finally reached that goal, so that was exciting. We are always sitting at 26-29 but never seem to be able to break 30! But we finally did it this week. 
We had 3 baptisms yesterday! Alex, Jessica, and Rubi! It was awesome and everything went pretty smoothly! It was also really cool just because we met them 4 weeks ago. It is a requirement to go to church 3 times before being baptized, very rarely are you able to baptize someday within a month of meeting them, so we were pretty blessed!
Our other 2 dates didnt go to church yesterday. One, because he left his house at 5 in the morning to go to a big city to buy or something, and the other because his mom is dis-motivating him about the church. (i dont know if that made sense). We are going to work with them this week so they go to church and get baptized this month!
I helped a few converts fill out their first tithing slips on Tuesday as well, and that was a pretty cool experience. It makes you feel good when the people you baptized are making a sacrifice to obey a difficult commandment. They dont have a ton of money but still gave what was asked. 
We are teaching a couple teenage girls that go to church every week. They are a little really flirtacious and so my comp and I are really careful with everything we do. On Saturday, I went on divisions with Elder Rowberry, one of my ZL, and we went to try and put a date with them. When we began wrapping up the lesson, one of the daughers sparks up and tells Elder Rowberry she has a question, but it doesnt have anything to do with the church. We say yeah sure, go ahead. What is it? I swear the lights dimmed and music began as she asked him if he liked Teddy Bears, something she had already bought and given to my other comp, Elder Leiva. Without words, Elder Rowberry just stood there. I bursted in to tell her that he loved him, and then i couldnt talk the rest of the lesson because i was doing EVERYTHING I COULD to not laugh. Hahahah. It was awful. The story also has a happy ending, as yesterday morning, Elder Rowberry and I both received teddy bears and a note that says ‘ERES ESPECIAL.”
That night with Elder Rowberry was pretty insane though. I had never seen lightning so close and thunder crack so loudly. We were walking between Pushtan and Nahuizalco (About 20 minutes) and it was insane. Some of the strikes were so close. We were yelling and running half of the way just because of the adrenaline rush we had. 
Life is still good and i am doing everything i can to enjoy the mission even more than i already am. I miss you guys but am doing great here. That’s all we got for this week.
Go Cougs, Beat UCONN. 

August 11, 2014

We had another good effective week in Nahuizalco. Our zone is doing really well! There are usually 12 or 13 companionships in every zone, but our zone only has 5. But we are still one of the zones bringing the most people to church and baptizing the most every month. I am loving life here in Nahuizalco and we are all working hard and being really blessed. 
This week was actually a pretty fun one. 
On Wednesday we were able to take some investigators to the temple. It’s kind of a bummer though because the people we really wanted to take weren’t able to go. But it was still good to take the ones that went. They said they felt the spirit and they all went to church on Sunday as well. 
Wednesday night when we got home from working, we planned and took numbers and then changed out of the tie and everything to hang out and play the uke for a bit. Then one of the missionaries starts screaming saying there was a taquazin in the house! Hahaha. It is kind of like a really big rat. He is always saying stuff like that so we just kind of brushed it off and kept playing and seeing and talking and stuff. And then we saw it! After about an hour of standing on a chair yelling and trying to trap it into a knocked over garbage can, the taquazin got stuck in somebody’s bag of dirty clothes. We got the neighbor at about 1100 to take it out of the house for us. It was intense! My family will have to put some of the videos on facebook when they get my next memory card. 
Thursday morning we always have zone and district meetings. This time it was in a city called Juayua because President Spjut came to teach us. We learned about the importance of the Holy Ghost in the lessons, it was a good little message. 
Yesterday was pretty solid as well. We had 8 people in church again and had a few good, powerful lessons. 
I’m loving life and seeing people change their lives. Loving the missionary life and excited to have another successful week in the most blessed area in the mission. 3 baptisms to look forward to on Sunday!
Elder Slack
Go Cougs, Beat UCONN.

August 4, 2014

Hey everyone!

Another week is gone, cant believe how fast time is going!

This week was pretty solid too. We brought 9 people to church and put a couple more baptism dates, so now we are sitting at 5 dates for the 17th of August. 3 are siblings, and we are really close to getting a date with their mom as well!

That family is gold. We met them on a Friday, they went to church the following Sunday, and then accepted baptism dates. Now the 3 kids have dates and want to be baptized with their mom! She has kind of a sucky situation. She isn’t married but kind of lives with this guy. Kind of. This guy is the dad of the three kids, but also has another woman and kid really close by. He will spend 3 days with one family, and then go to the other family before returning to the first. It is easily one of the worst things i have seen on my mish. We are trying to get her to drop him so she can be baptized and have a more united family, but she doesn’t want to. How could you be okay with your spouse knowing that they are going to live with their other partner and kid and return to you and your kids a few days later? Tomorrow we are going to teach them the Plan of Salvation and help her understand that this guy is a bum.

On Thursday morning Elder Rowberry began to crack open some eggs for breakfast to find a blackish type thing on the inside. It was so gross! It stunk up the whole house. Sometimes i miss the food from the states haha.

I am doing good despite living with big butterflies and cockroaches.

On Wednesday we get to go to the temple with investigators so i am pretty pumped! We are going to leave at 6 in the morning,so i am nervous the investigators aren’t actually going to show up.

I teach Institute to some adults every Thursday night. It is pretty cool and i am getting pretty good at it. Right now we are studying the war chapters in Alma, something i never really understood. In the teacher’s book it says we should try and apply the principles taught in the war chapters. Preparations to fight against temptation, etc. Kind of a cool thing i learned this week.

I love being a missionary and helping people change their lives! I have seen too many miracles for the church not to be true.

Love you guys and hope you all have a good week!

Elder Slack

Go Cougars.

July 28, 2014

Hey man, I know you guys aren’t home but here is the letter for the week.  It is going to be nice and short. 

This week was actually pretty sweet!  Wednesday we had changes and I am now with Elder Calero.  Elder Calero is from Nicaragua and is 24 years old. He is pretty focused on the mission and wants to be here which means we will get along just fine. He is now my second comp from Nicaragua. 

  Yesterday we were able to baptize again. This teenage girl is named Mirna. We baptized her mom last week, her dad and brothers last month, and put baptism dates with 2 of her cousins as well for the 17th of August. . We are determined to baptize the entire family!  Haha i think it would be pretty good. The baptism went really smoothly though, even though there was a cockroach floating in the font.  We tried not pointing it out until the baptisms were done.

I am still happy to be here in the mission and am feeling really comfortable. I can’t believe I have already been out a year. Time is going really fast and it is weird that people are starting to consider me as one of the older ones out haha. I think i also have to apply to school again in October, that’s weird. 
I hope everyone is doing good at home! I love and miss you and hope BYU beats UCONN this month. 
Elder Slack