August 4, 2014

Hey everyone!

Another week is gone, cant believe how fast time is going!

This week was pretty solid too. We brought 9 people to church and put a couple more baptism dates, so now we are sitting at 5 dates for the 17th of August. 3 are siblings, and we are really close to getting a date with their mom as well!

That family is gold. We met them on a Friday, they went to church the following Sunday, and then accepted baptism dates. Now the 3 kids have dates and want to be baptized with their mom! She has kind of a sucky situation. She isn’t married but kind of lives with this guy. Kind of. This guy is the dad of the three kids, but also has another woman and kid really close by. He will spend 3 days with one family, and then go to the other family before returning to the first. It is easily one of the worst things i have seen on my mish. We are trying to get her to drop him so she can be baptized and have a more united family, but she doesn’t want to. How could you be okay with your spouse knowing that they are going to live with their other partner and kid and return to you and your kids a few days later? Tomorrow we are going to teach them the Plan of Salvation and help her understand that this guy is a bum.

On Thursday morning Elder Rowberry began to crack open some eggs for breakfast to find a blackish type thing on the inside. It was so gross! It stunk up the whole house. Sometimes i miss the food from the states haha.

I am doing good despite living with big butterflies and cockroaches.

On Wednesday we get to go to the temple with investigators so i am pretty pumped! We are going to leave at 6 in the morning,so i am nervous the investigators aren’t actually going to show up.

I teach Institute to some adults every Thursday night. It is pretty cool and i am getting pretty good at it. Right now we are studying the war chapters in Alma, something i never really understood. In the teacher’s book it says we should try and apply the principles taught in the war chapters. Preparations to fight against temptation, etc. Kind of a cool thing i learned this week.

I love being a missionary and helping people change their lives! I have seen too many miracles for the church not to be true.

Love you guys and hope you all have a good week!

Elder Slack

Go Cougars.


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