August 11, 2014

We had another good effective week in Nahuizalco. Our zone is doing really well! There are usually 12 or 13 companionships in every zone, but our zone only has 5. But we are still one of the zones bringing the most people to church and baptizing the most every month. I am loving life here in Nahuizalco and we are all working hard and being really blessed. 
This week was actually a pretty fun one. 
On Wednesday we were able to take some investigators to the temple. It’s kind of a bummer though because the people we really wanted to take weren’t able to go. But it was still good to take the ones that went. They said they felt the spirit and they all went to church on Sunday as well. 
Wednesday night when we got home from working, we planned and took numbers and then changed out of the tie and everything to hang out and play the uke for a bit. Then one of the missionaries starts screaming saying there was a taquazin in the house! Hahaha. It is kind of like a really big rat. He is always saying stuff like that so we just kind of brushed it off and kept playing and seeing and talking and stuff. And then we saw it! After about an hour of standing on a chair yelling and trying to trap it into a knocked over garbage can, the taquazin got stuck in somebody’s bag of dirty clothes. We got the neighbor at about 1100 to take it out of the house for us. It was intense! My family will have to put some of the videos on facebook when they get my next memory card. 
Thursday morning we always have zone and district meetings. This time it was in a city called Juayua because President Spjut came to teach us. We learned about the importance of the Holy Ghost in the lessons, it was a good little message. 
Yesterday was pretty solid as well. We had 8 people in church again and had a few good, powerful lessons. 
I’m loving life and seeing people change their lives. Loving the missionary life and excited to have another successful week in the most blessed area in the mission. 3 baptisms to look forward to on Sunday!
Elder Slack
Go Cougs, Beat UCONN.