August 25, 2014

This week was another pretty solid one. I am really enjoying my time here in Nahuizalco!
We had a couple people confirmed yesterday and brought 6 others to church. WE have some set plans to put some baptismal dates with some of them, but it isnt going to be easy!
We have 2 teenage girls that want to be baptized but dont have permission from the mom yet because they have bad grades in school, an older man that wants to be baptized but is nervous to do it because he only has one arm and is really shy, and another teenage kid that wants to be baptized and has permission from his dad, but his mom is making things difficult and doesnt want him to be baptized because the church supports marriage, something she doesnt want to take part of even after being with her boyfriend for 19 years and having 4 kids with him.
We’ll see what we can do though, and hopefully we finish this week with a few baptisms! 2 of the 4 mentioned we are counting as baptism dates for now.
It is still really, really hot here and I sweat when i even thinking about turning off the fan inside of the house. I didnt have any taquazines enter the house this past week, but i was with my buddy Elder Rowberry when a drunk man begged for money, so Rowberry bought him a soda and a few pieces of bread which somehow prompted the drunk guy to place Rowberry’s hand to his ear as he sobbed.
I swear i have weird experiences every day and, like the very last verse in the book of John says, if all of my weird experiences were written, the world couldnt contain the amount of books.
I am happy and am excited to pound some pizza on Saturday as I day dream a little. Funny how people always told me I would lose some of the love I have for BYU sports. Haha.
Glad to be a missionary, excited to see what these last 11 months and 1 week have in store for me! The church is true.

Elder Slack. Go Cougs, Beat UCONN.


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