They had a "white out" for the baptism
They had a “white out” for the baptism

Rain rain go away!                                                 Rain rain go away!


September 29, 2014

I talked with a member who showed me Adam Hine running the kick back for 6 vs Virginia with the Greg Wrubell calling it. woahhhh. i wept. that was so sick.
this week we had something unusual happen by our house.  but we were walking back to the house like we always do until we saw that part of our street was closed off by a ton of cops and people crowded around. we took a long way back to our house to find that someone had been killed about 30 steps from my front door. the fact that someone was killed isnt surprising, just the fact it was THAT close to the house. i was fine though, whatever. i thought it was kind of cool actually. we started finding out more and more about what happened. turns out that this gay guy that made sandwiches right by our house was dumped by his boyfriend. he got drunk and then killed himself with the knife he used to make the sandwiches. he sliced his wrists and then stabbed himself in the stomach before slicing his jugular in his neck. crazy huh? that is my fun story of the week. i am still safe, healthy, and obedient.

Another week wrapped up! This one was a little crazy, but it is what it is!

I, as well with the other 3 missionaries in the house, battled a pretty nasty cold this week! Just a runny nose, sore throat, and no energy. Lucky it didnt hit me as bad as it hit my comp. We didnt end up visiting people yesterday because my comp was dying the second we got home from church.
I think the sicknesses came as a result of a ton of rain we got this week! The street in front of my house was like a river. I will attach a pic so you guys can see a little bit of it.
this week we didnt bring as many people to church as we wanted to, but the 3 people we baptized on Saturday went and were confirmed. 🙂
The baptism service on Saturday was sick! Jose, Josefa, and Kevin were all baptized. We began planning for this baptism about a month ago and called it ‘La Tarde Blanca’, or ‘The White Afternoon” which was intended to be a whiteout by all the members and investigators who attended. Well, as more people got baptism dates for Saturday, the planning also intensified and we ended up inviting the mission president and stake president to come. The stake president wasnt able to come, but the mission president did and gave a little talk. there ended up being 9 people baptized and about 125-150 showed up to support those being baptized, almost all wearing white t shirts.
I was able to baptize Josefa. Of all the baptisms I have been blessed with in my mission, i dont think i have seen an expression of more happiness than what i saw from Jose. Jose is 24 years old and has a bad past. Gang stuff and everything. he went to prison and said he would change everything when he came out. well, he made a FULL repentance. he is super pilas now and is doing everything he can to get all of his family members and friends to church! the smile he had after his baptism and confirmation was incredible. It was just a reminder of how lucky i am to be where i am. It made everything all worth it.
Elder slack

September 22, 2014

Man this week was a little crazy! But it went pretty good. I only worked in my area for 2 days this week, I was visiting the other areas for the rest of the week. This did result in 4 interchanges with Elder Rowberry which was pretty fun. We did pretty well together. On Thursday i think it was, we were walking from one lessons to another and a bolo (drunk guy) began to follow us. He wasn’t bad or anything, but man, he was cruising! Elder Rowberry told him we had to walk faster, then we got to the point we were almost jogging and he still kept up! We finally got to our destination and he then asked us for a quarter. They’re always asking for a quarter. So the next bolos we approached, we asked them for a quarter for a change, but they declined. Bummer.

Tuesday I went to San Salvador to get my papers renewed because I am working on my second year here, but the travel secretary for the mission didn’t send one of my papers down there, so they couldn’t do the paper processing thing which means i have to take the 2 hour trip there again tomorrow morning at 5. Kind of sucks. But it was a fun field trip with Elder Rowberry. We’ll see who i go with tomorrow morning.

Friday we had a special meeting with Elder Ochoa of the area presidency. I learned a ton! He talked a lot about 100% obedience which is something we sometimes think is impossible, but said we should put a goal to be 100% obedient. My comp and I have done pretty good these 3 or 4 days. He also talked a lot about humility and charity. Overall it was a really solid meeting.

Sunday I was able to baptize Irma! She is an investigator in another area in my district, but she asked if i could baptize her, so i was able to do that. 🙂 She is one of the funniest ladies I’ve met out here.. haha. She is way nice though and loves everyone!

This Saturday the zone will have around 14 or 15 baptisms in the same baptismal service! we are calling it a tarde blanca and are inviting all the members and everyone to come wearing white. It is going to be like a baptismal whiteout. Josefa, Jose, and Kevin will be getting baptized this week, so i am really pumped 🙂 It makes you feel good to find people that the Lord had been preparing. 🙂

Excited to have another good week!

Elder Slack

September 15, 2014

This week was pretty good for us. I think every number we had from last week dropped, but we were able to put 3 baptism dates! We met with Josefa, someone who had a date in June, and she was talking about being baptized but still had a few doubts. We read in 2 Nephi 32:9 and kneeled with her and she prayed, asking if she should be baptized or no. The spirit got pretty strong and she then put her own baptismal date for the 20th. So we will have a baptism on Saturday. 🙂

That same day we went to visit Jose Ramirez. He had an ugly past but said he really wants to change. He has been keeping all of his commitments but was still a little nervous to be baptized. We did the same thing we did with Josefa and we kneeled and prayed, and again he accepted the date for the 28th. 🙂

Then we went to go visit a teenager and his mom who went to church last Sunday. They had slowly been progressing but hadn’t shown a lot of promise. I invited the teenage to baptism really casually and he replied yes really quickly. I invited him again, thinking he didn’t understand me and got the same response. I invited with date for the 28th and got the same response. Haha i think i had invited 6 or 7 times in a 2 minute response because it was a total surprise. We had never taught him before, only his mom, but the mom signed the registry and so now he is preparing to be baptized on the 28th. Pure miracle. We are pumped!

We have been really blessed finding the people who the Lord has prepared for us. On the flip side…. we had a casualty this past week.

The area I am usually in is called Pushtan. It is pretty far from any neighboring city and doesn’t have a lot of good streets. It has been really rainy and muddy lately and it has really taken a toll on my shoes. I was leaving on Thursday to go to work and was stopped by the other 3 missionaries i live with. They began to laugh and asked if i was really going on to work like that. I thought i was fine.. then they started talking about my shoes. I look down to realize maybe i shouldn’t visit in them… they have big holes on the side and on the bottom and the black polishing on top was peeling off and they looked awful. So some other missionary let me borrow his shoes.

All is good here and i am still enjoying the mission. Slowly making that transition into one of the older missionaries is kind of weird. I went on divisions with a new missionary from Utah last week and he says he was a little intimidated which is weird because i don’t feel that way at all haha. Anyways, i hope everything is good at home! Love you all. Go Cougars, beat Virginia.

Elder Slack

September 8, 2014

I am happy to hear you guys are all good 🙂 happier to hear BYU beat Texas. This week was really good for us. We met a ton of news and I finally went up to district leader! that has been the hardest thing for me in my mission.. Spanish has come to be very smoothly and i feel comfortable to talk to whoever about whatever. but i am used to being a leader and it was hard to go 13 months only leading my companionship. but i guess the lord knows what he does and when he should do it. 
i got my package and it was sick!!! thank you a ton!! you guys will enjoy the videos. yes, i said videos. i get home from working a long hard day. i am sweaty, hot, and hungry. i see my package sitting on my table and get way excited! without wasting time by taking off my backpack, i keep it on and jam my house keys into the tap to open that beautiful, long waited box. Tears practically rolling down my face, i come to the last flap to open to find 2 bags of white rice, 3 books of Mormon, and 2 stuffed animals that a flirty teenage girl had given to my companion and i. I was sooo confused. did i really not get my package yet? wait, i had to have because it is mom’s handwriting. as my comps are getting their little laugh in, they bring in a boring, almost ugly looking box which contained the football, balloons, streamers, and candy. i was still way pumped to break the tape sealing on that one as well, so you guys will have 2 vids to enjoy, rather than 1. anyways, thanks. 🙂
I am very superstitious as you all know and have worn my blue pants on the day of the uconn and Texas games and have not washed them and will be doing the same thing again on Thursday. gross but necessary.
i have a crush on taysom hill.  i am just as addicted to byu football as ever. 
This week we did really well. We were able to bring 8 people to church and contact 17 new people. As a district we also brought 20 people to church which is awesome for only having 3 areas. It is cool to see and feel the blessing pouring in. 
One of the news we met this week is named Jose. Jose is a 24 year old guy who expresses some serious potential. We dropped off a pamphlet with him and went back later in the week to find out that he had read it all and had marked it up with questions and comments. We answered all of his questions and doubts and he also went to church yesterday. He says that even though it is something he doesnt fully understand yet, i likes what we teach and we believe he will accept a baptismal invitation we will extend tomorrow. 
We are still working with a few people that have some big obstacles between them and baptism. Mauricio with his pride, Katherine and Jennifer with their mom, Gloria and Karen with there boyfriends that dont wanna get married, etc. It is frustrating but we are still trying to help them. Just trying to reply more on the spirit with them. 
I had an interesting experience at church yesterday. 5 people were confirmed in the ward and one of them was the convert of the zone leaders. she went up to go get confirmed and left her handicapped daughter along down in the congregation in the back on a chair. When she returned to her seat, she found that her daughter and had an accident and had dropped a deuce on the chair. She immediately left with her daughter to go clean her up and was nice enough to leave the poor chair there stranded. The members got pretty grossed out and signaled me to go over, not knowing what was going on. Long story short, I was sitting in Sacrament meeting like normal and then 2 minutes later i was cleaning a montón de feces off of a chair deposited by a teenage girl. Hurrah for Israel. 
All is good here though and i am really grateful for all of you guys! Make sure to tell my mom and dad happy birthday this week, I can’t believe my dad has hit 50 already. 
Love you guys, and Go Cougars.
Elder Slack