September 1, 2014

Another week come and gone. Changes are this week! A little crazy. Can’t believe I have already been with Elder Calero for 6 weeks! We have at least another 6 weeks together and then i think i am out. 

This week was pretty solid. We met a few positive news but are always looking for more. I am a little bummed actually because we had to drop 2 baptismal dates we had. I have now had 3 dates fall my entire mission. All 3 in this area. It is frustrating when people get offended by dumb things and then decide they arent going to go to church anymore. 
We were teaching a lesson with Juaquin and a member started talking with another member during the lesson and they started laughing a little, and Juaquin thought that they were laughing at the fact he has an amputated arm. He got offended and decided he wasnt going to go to church anymore. We tried talking to him but he is just really sensitive and we are thinking that maybe it just isnt his time yet. 
The Nalasco family is still in the same situation. We actually found out more this past week. The two teenage girls go to church every week and everything but dont have permission to be baptized yet. We found out that their dad,who lives in San Salvador with another family actually talks to the two daughters we teach 1 time a year, and gives them monthly money because he has to, legally–and he says they cant get baptized until school ends in November. Now we are trying to get the mom to open her eyes and realize that his opinion shouldnt matter too much. He has never been a part of their lives. He left like 10 years ago. We are going to talk with them tonight actually. We are trying to focus really hard on feeling, recognizing, and acting upon the spirit. Hopefully we get the permission tonight to baptize the two girls this week. 
This old man who goes to church every week is really prideful. His name is Mauricio and he is ridiculously arrogant. We are starting to get to him a little bit, but he just doesnt seem to want to learn a lot. He understand he needs to be baptized but his problem is that he is scared to sin after baptism, so we are trying to focus on the atonement and the fact he will be able and have a need to repent on a daily basis. Another date we are hoping to obtain this week. 
Overall we are working pretty well. Last week was a little tougher but we are still doing a good job, i feel. My comp is a stud and is learning really fast. I think he will be a really good missionary, so it will be cool in like 6 months to say that i trained him. I’ll try to take all the credit even though i will have had very little to do with his success haha. 
I also realized something cool this week. I was walking down a ”road” i walk down every single day. This day was different though because the air wasnt really dirty. I looked out into the distance and realized that the hills stopped and then I could see the ocean. Who know i had the ocean in sight, about 30 seconds from my house? Pretty cool. 
We were nightly planning this week when he heard a tap on the window. It kind of spooked us until we heard this drunk guy begging us for 15 cents. We tried explaining we werent going to give him anything and then he paused and it got really quiet. Then, he offers me the opportunity of a lifetime. ”Te amo…. te daré un beso…. solo 15 centavos.” Hahaha I was offered a kiss by a drunk man if i gave him 15 cents. it wasnt easy, but i turned down the offer and turned off the Christmas lights that border the window. 
I am doing good and really loving the mission. I love seeing the people accept the gospel and make changes to their life. Equally, it is difficult when people reject us and say they dont want god in their life. I have grown to love the people here in El Salvador and i am exciting to be able to serve these people and my God for another 11 months. 
Elder Slack
Go Cougs. Beat Texas.

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