September 8, 2014

I am happy to hear you guys are all good 🙂 happier to hear BYU beat Texas. This week was really good for us. We met a ton of news and I finally went up to district leader! that has been the hardest thing for me in my mission.. Spanish has come to be very smoothly and i feel comfortable to talk to whoever about whatever. but i am used to being a leader and it was hard to go 13 months only leading my companionship. but i guess the lord knows what he does and when he should do it. 
i got my package and it was sick!!! thank you a ton!! you guys will enjoy the videos. yes, i said videos. i get home from working a long hard day. i am sweaty, hot, and hungry. i see my package sitting on my table and get way excited! without wasting time by taking off my backpack, i keep it on and jam my house keys into the tap to open that beautiful, long waited box. Tears practically rolling down my face, i come to the last flap to open to find 2 bags of white rice, 3 books of Mormon, and 2 stuffed animals that a flirty teenage girl had given to my companion and i. I was sooo confused. did i really not get my package yet? wait, i had to have because it is mom’s handwriting. as my comps are getting their little laugh in, they bring in a boring, almost ugly looking box which contained the football, balloons, streamers, and candy. i was still way pumped to break the tape sealing on that one as well, so you guys will have 2 vids to enjoy, rather than 1. anyways, thanks. 🙂
I am very superstitious as you all know and have worn my blue pants on the day of the uconn and Texas games and have not washed them and will be doing the same thing again on Thursday. gross but necessary.
i have a crush on taysom hill.  i am just as addicted to byu football as ever. 
This week we did really well. We were able to bring 8 people to church and contact 17 new people. As a district we also brought 20 people to church which is awesome for only having 3 areas. It is cool to see and feel the blessing pouring in. 
One of the news we met this week is named Jose. Jose is a 24 year old guy who expresses some serious potential. We dropped off a pamphlet with him and went back later in the week to find out that he had read it all and had marked it up with questions and comments. We answered all of his questions and doubts and he also went to church yesterday. He says that even though it is something he doesnt fully understand yet, i likes what we teach and we believe he will accept a baptismal invitation we will extend tomorrow. 
We are still working with a few people that have some big obstacles between them and baptism. Mauricio with his pride, Katherine and Jennifer with their mom, Gloria and Karen with there boyfriends that dont wanna get married, etc. It is frustrating but we are still trying to help them. Just trying to reply more on the spirit with them. 
I had an interesting experience at church yesterday. 5 people were confirmed in the ward and one of them was the convert of the zone leaders. she went up to go get confirmed and left her handicapped daughter along down in the congregation in the back on a chair. When she returned to her seat, she found that her daughter and had an accident and had dropped a deuce on the chair. She immediately left with her daughter to go clean her up and was nice enough to leave the poor chair there stranded. The members got pretty grossed out and signaled me to go over, not knowing what was going on. Long story short, I was sitting in Sacrament meeting like normal and then 2 minutes later i was cleaning a montón de feces off of a chair deposited by a teenage girl. Hurrah for Israel. 
All is good here though and i am really grateful for all of you guys! Make sure to tell my mom and dad happy birthday this week, I can’t believe my dad has hit 50 already. 
Love you guys, and Go Cougars.
Elder Slack

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