September 15, 2014

This week was pretty good for us. I think every number we had from last week dropped, but we were able to put 3 baptism dates! We met with Josefa, someone who had a date in June, and she was talking about being baptized but still had a few doubts. We read in 2 Nephi 32:9 and kneeled with her and she prayed, asking if she should be baptized or no. The spirit got pretty strong and she then put her own baptismal date for the 20th. So we will have a baptism on Saturday. 🙂

That same day we went to visit Jose Ramirez. He had an ugly past but said he really wants to change. He has been keeping all of his commitments but was still a little nervous to be baptized. We did the same thing we did with Josefa and we kneeled and prayed, and again he accepted the date for the 28th. 🙂

Then we went to go visit a teenager and his mom who went to church last Sunday. They had slowly been progressing but hadn’t shown a lot of promise. I invited the teenage to baptism really casually and he replied yes really quickly. I invited him again, thinking he didn’t understand me and got the same response. I invited with date for the 28th and got the same response. Haha i think i had invited 6 or 7 times in a 2 minute response because it was a total surprise. We had never taught him before, only his mom, but the mom signed the registry and so now he is preparing to be baptized on the 28th. Pure miracle. We are pumped!

We have been really blessed finding the people who the Lord has prepared for us. On the flip side…. we had a casualty this past week.

The area I am usually in is called Pushtan. It is pretty far from any neighboring city and doesn’t have a lot of good streets. It has been really rainy and muddy lately and it has really taken a toll on my shoes. I was leaving on Thursday to go to work and was stopped by the other 3 missionaries i live with. They began to laugh and asked if i was really going on to work like that. I thought i was fine.. then they started talking about my shoes. I look down to realize maybe i shouldn’t visit in them… they have big holes on the side and on the bottom and the black polishing on top was peeling off and they looked awful. So some other missionary let me borrow his shoes.

All is good here and i am still enjoying the mission. Slowly making that transition into one of the older missionaries is kind of weird. I went on divisions with a new missionary from Utah last week and he says he was a little intimidated which is weird because i don’t feel that way at all haha. Anyways, i hope everything is good at home! Love you all. Go Cougars, beat Virginia.

Elder Slack


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