September 22, 2014

Man this week was a little crazy! But it went pretty good. I only worked in my area for 2 days this week, I was visiting the other areas for the rest of the week. This did result in 4 interchanges with Elder Rowberry which was pretty fun. We did pretty well together. On Thursday i think it was, we were walking from one lessons to another and a bolo (drunk guy) began to follow us. He wasn’t bad or anything, but man, he was cruising! Elder Rowberry told him we had to walk faster, then we got to the point we were almost jogging and he still kept up! We finally got to our destination and he then asked us for a quarter. They’re always asking for a quarter. So the next bolos we approached, we asked them for a quarter for a change, but they declined. Bummer.

Tuesday I went to San Salvador to get my papers renewed because I am working on my second year here, but the travel secretary for the mission didn’t send one of my papers down there, so they couldn’t do the paper processing thing which means i have to take the 2 hour trip there again tomorrow morning at 5. Kind of sucks. But it was a fun field trip with Elder Rowberry. We’ll see who i go with tomorrow morning.

Friday we had a special meeting with Elder Ochoa of the area presidency. I learned a ton! He talked a lot about 100% obedience which is something we sometimes think is impossible, but said we should put a goal to be 100% obedient. My comp and I have done pretty good these 3 or 4 days. He also talked a lot about humility and charity. Overall it was a really solid meeting.

Sunday I was able to baptize Irma! She is an investigator in another area in my district, but she asked if i could baptize her, so i was able to do that. 🙂 She is one of the funniest ladies I’ve met out here.. haha. She is way nice though and loves everyone!

This Saturday the zone will have around 14 or 15 baptisms in the same baptismal service! we are calling it a tarde blanca and are inviting all the members and everyone to come wearing white. It is going to be like a baptismal whiteout. Josefa, Jose, and Kevin will be getting baptized this week, so i am really pumped 🙂 It makes you feel good to find people that the Lord had been preparing. 🙂

Excited to have another good week!

Elder Slack


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